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Why a Fax Appliance?

Breanna Fernie

A longtime customer recently asked me, “Bre, what’s all this buzz around the new fax device ClearlyIP is launching next week? I thought everyone was moving to (please note; this included waving hand gestures and vaguely pointing upwards.) ‘The Cloud’?”

I had to chuckle because this customer is not only a 20+ year client but also a good friend, and he’ll forgive me for saying he is a little ‘old school.’ But, all joking aside, he is the prime example of who ClearlyIP’s Device was designed for. This customer is a specialist and has a very successful practice in the medical field. As a result of this, he does a LOT of faxing; and I mean A LOT. His office faxes confidential medical records back and forth, and these faxes contain patients’ personal information.

As a doctor, he has many privacy concerns and a tendency to practice with an abundance of caution. It is one of the reasons he has not moved to virtual faxing. Instead, he still uses a physical fax machine connected to an analog line, supplied by a local Telco, charging him $50/mo ++, not including gauging long-distance rates. (Yes, this is still happening!)

Furthermore, he has a secondary server connected to his fax machine, used for storing his faxes so that he has backups of the data on-premise. I reminded him that this is not a fail-safe setup, and in fact, it can be even more vulnerable than virtual faxing. His face fell as I began to ask questions. What if the fax storage server failed? Did he have a backup in the Cloud? What if his analog line failed? How would he send and receive his fax transmissions? Finally, he cringed, “Okay, Bre, tell me more.”

fax appliance Device

The new Device would be the ideal solution to help him to modernize his fax strategies and reduce costs. First, It would eliminate his expensive analog phone line but maintain his fax number. Second, while the fax machine has been a reliable, trustworthy companion, It’s one he would gladly start phasing out. He is not quite ready to give up his fax machine but started to get excited when I explained how the fax device would allow him to connect up to 2 devices of his choice, including his Fax Machine, but without the cost of an analog phone line. In essence, he could have the best of both worlds- physical faxing and virtual faxing. Plus, the information could be stored on-premise AND in the Cloud, providing a real backup option.

All he needed to do was say ‘OK,’ and we would simply port his fax number to ClearlyIP and set him up with a Subscription. Because he sent and received many faxes daily, he would need the High Volume Subscription at $24.99/mo, which will include approximately 2000 minutes or about 3000-3500 pages a month, which met his total needs. Thus, we determined he would be saving around $25-35 a month in monthly costs with the local Telco. Furthermore, he would improve productivity, especially for his medical office assistant that often gets bogged down managing faxes all day.

He loved how small the appliance is and that it provides him peace of mind with secure, reliable storage and protected transmissions, and he loved the cost savings even more!

In follow up to my blog post from last September when we first launched our Platform, the Device is an excellent complementary solution that just makes sense. It is a nominal investment upfront but offers long-term savings and no steep learning curve for your team; I highly recommend it. It’s just another great solution from ClearlyIP, offering all-inclusive solutions for customers who need intelligent, easy, and affordable technology. Let’s face it, fax isn’t going anywhere, but like anything else, businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse of how to update and improve office processes but also reduce costs.

And if you’re curious about how and Device can save you money, give us a call, or email us. We can give you the facts on fax!