ClearlyIP Partner Program





Partner Program Growth

If you want to sign some paperwork and be on your way, this may not be a partnership for you. We do things differently here!

We offer innovative solutions that scale from SMB, Enterprise/Institutional, and Carrier-grade platforms designed to help you grow your business. This makes us the best choice if you are ready to expand your sales opportunities!

Master your destiny, with our No Master Agent Required, Direct Agent program. Or, partner with us to build out your brand of telephony solutions. Keep it simple and utilize our ready to deploy solutions and leverage our expert team to grow your business! We’re here for you.

At ClearlyIP we build, develop, and support our products and solutions with you and your customers in mind. We engage with your team and align our personnel to support an optimal partnership, ensuring that your successes are our successes.





Two Paths to Success

The distinction between a reseller and an agent is significant. Resellers bill their customers directly for the services provided by ClearlyIP and have greater compliance responsibilities, while agents receive commission as sellers of ClearlyIP’s services and are not responsible for billing.

New Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other entities looking to implement business voice solutions for their customers need to understand the responsibilities that come with either role and choose the right path for them. In either case, ClearlyIP is the right choice, and we’re poised to provide the support you need to succeed.

Discover the right path for your success – download our brochure now!
Agent or Reseller? Two Paths to Success Brochure




Our Process


Step One: Initial Partnership Assessment

Once you partner with ClearlyIP, you become a crucial member of our Team and integrated into our Go-To-Market strategies for the regions you cover.

During your initial partnership consultation, we’ll have a discussion that gives us insight into:

  • Your existing business model and go-to-market strategy
  • What is important to you from your suppliers
  • Goals we need to set together for your fast growth.
  • Products & Services needed to support your business model.
  • Decide if our Hardware Not For Resale Kit is a good option for your use.
  • How often and how we should be communicating with you and collaborating with your Team.
  • Level of Expertise – What you know and how we can help you learn more and move to the next level of success!
Step Two: Onboarding & Acceptance

If accepted into the ClearlyIP Partner Program, You are placed into one of the following partner groups after you sign the appropriate agreements:

Direct Agent– Master your Destiny, NO Master Agent Required! We consider our agents our Outsourced Sales Team, not a second class lower-level partner. You will have a direct personal relationship with us, not filtered through third party Master Agents with 300 other products on their line cards. Learn More

Partner– this program will quickly and easily integrate the ClearlyIP products and solutions that make sense for your business and fit within the needs of your business plan. Learn More

Step Three: Personalized Launch Plan for Success

We develop a strategic business plan with you that will form your personalized launch plan for success. Including product and ClearlyIP team introductions. We align you with your personal channel account manager, who supports you during the quoting, negotiation, and closing process with your customers.

Your Account Manager:

  • Directs you to the appropriate ClearlyIP resources and support teams
  • Is your advocate with all other ClearlyIP product management, marketing, and Partner support teams
  • Is there and available pre, during, and post-sale to make sure you close the deal.
  • Sets up training, demos, and informational sessions for you or your team’s behalf. We do have some required initial product introductions and one-on-one training sessions that your account manager and our engineering and executive teams coordinate.
    • ClearlyIP – Ordering & Support Systems – A walkthrough of our systems and processes for ordering products and services for you and yourteam
    • ClearlyIP – IP Phones – A one-on-one product introduction and training session completed online where we do a live installation of our phones. Introducing your staff to the innovative features available with our hardware-based products. Features that make them a “no-brainer” when choosing which phones to offer your clients, and profitability build your business.
    • ClearlyIP – Cloud-Based Solutions – In-depth introduction to our service-based solutions. These solutions can provide an excellent source of recurring revenue for your business. In this session, we cover how to purchase and deploy our various solutions. Ranging from SIP trunking, Kari’s Law & Ray Baum Act compliant e911 services. Self managed hosted PBX platforms, integrated with ClearlyIP products, to our enterprise/institutional multi-tenanted Modulis platform.
    • ClearlyIP OEM Program Review – You have many options when it comes to telephony providers and hardware manufacturers. Our goal is not to be the biggest VoIP hardware provider in the industry. Our goal is to be innovative and provide you with solutions that are the best choice for your customers. Our various OEM programs give you the ability to put your brand on our products and services. Whether it has your company or service name on our phones, our Modulis UC platform, or scaling your use of open source telephony with our brandable mirror for FreePBX platform. We put you in control of your brand and can work with you to determine the best go-to-market solution that scales and grows as you do. Even if you choose to utilize our products and services under our brand.
Step Four: Regular Check-ins & Deal Assessments

Leverage your ClearlyIP Team for bi-weekly or monthly check-ins. Many large conglomerates in the Telephony space will give you a price list and point you to a distributor to purchase products, not us. We are focused on growing our business while you build yours, a true partnership.

We help you assess:

  • Your current sales, partnership level, and existing systems determine if any adjustments are necessary to ensure your success.
  • If your current deals require Sales Engineering or solutions engineering support.
  • If there are tools/collateral or Marketing related items, we can assist you with them grow your business or help close specific deals.
  • If you are missing out on crucial opportunities to find additional technology solutions for your customers.
  • Things we can build next to help your business remain innovative and competitive; most of our best product ideas come from partners like you.



Specially Priced Not for Resale Kit

The optional Partner NFR Demo Kit includes:

  • ClearlyIP 71X Appliance or equivalent
  • CIP 230, 250 and 270 IP Phones
  • Over $1000.00 MSRP in products included

* Partner Program Acceptance is Required to Purchase this Product