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Offering some of the best discounts in the industry, ClearlyIP’s partner program is focused on those looking to get an edge in the Open Source telecom revolution.

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Whether you are a small IT shop, a traditional telecom reseller, or a managed service provider ClearlyIP’s partner program is designed to fit your needs. If you are new to the open source world, or a veteran looking to expand, we grow with our partners, and our partners grow with us!


Partner Program Growth

Discounts as High as 40% Off

Our partners receive discounts up to 40% on ClearlyIP products and services. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you avoid the markups commonly found in the telecom industry. You have the relationship with the customer, why should a third party dilute your margin?



Optional NFR Kit


The optional Partner NFR Kit includes:

  • ClearlyIP 715 Appliance
  • CIP 230, 250 and 270 IP Phones
  • Over $1000.00 MSRP in products included

* Partner Application is Required to Purchase this Product.


ClearlyIP Partner Program Badge

ClearlyIP Partner Badge

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