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Full Control & Custom Branding of FreePBX® based systems.

ClearlyIP’s Update/Mirror Control Management & Branding Services for FreePBX® based systems will transform how you control, manage and brand your deployments.

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Update Control Management


What is the Update Control Management Tool?

This feature rich Update Control Management tool enables administrators to put their own branding into FreePBX®. Plus, have complete control over the versions of the FreePBX® Platform- down to the individual modules that your customer systems have access to. This allows administrators to tightly control their client phone systems, and disable automatic updates to the system reducing the worry of upstream open source changes interrupting existing customers systems.


How does it work?

ClearlyIP’s Update Control Management tool creates a customizable and brandable mirror site. This makes it the perfect tool for Hosting Providers, MSPs, ITSPs and System Integrators deploying and managing FreePBX® based systems for customers.

For custom branding, simply log in and upload your company logo to the FreePBX® Administrative and End User Control Panel. Once you are at the End User Control Panel, you can add your own custom modules and control the versions of modules directly in the administrative panel. This allows you to use only the modules you have tested & certified for your customer systems.

The Update Control Management tool enables you to have complete version control of your deployed systems and provides mirror repository stability by removing the dependence on upstream repositories. This allows for stopping the automatic updates being pushed out and breaking your production servers. With the ability to define a version, choose which modules are available, and their version, you are in control of your entire deployment.

Whether you are a FreePBX® Advocate, Supplier or Customer Managing a lot of FreePBX® based systems, there is a huge return on the investment by enabling the control of the back-end updates. Having your brand on the system itself ensures your customers see that it is your solutions that are working for them and keeps you ahead of your competition


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Configure and Manage Your Own Custom PBX Repository

FreePBX® is a powerful VoIP platform that many installers and integrators deploy systems for their end customers, built on Open Source. It provides a comprehensive, flexible toolbox to deliver your solutions, but like many open source solutions, you are potentially exposed to upstream changes that can damage your production systems.

When you use your custom mirror repository to deploy your customer system, you can not only use and update your new and existing systems with more confidence. This program allows you to quickly place your brand on the administrative user interface and end-user control panels of your PBX. Combined with our ReBrandable IP telephones, we offer a total solution with your brand!



Included Features


Apply Your Brand

Apply your brand to the FreePBX® Administrative and End User Control Panel.

Add Custom Modules

Create your own custom modules and use them side by side with FreePBX® and ClearlyIP modules.

Module Version Control

Provide your clients with only the versions of modules that you have tested and certified for use on your end-customer systems.


Version Control

Version control for your deployed systems, keep all your systems on the same tested and certified platform.

Mirror Repository Stability

Provides Mirror Repository Stability, removing the dependence on upstream repositories.

Simplified Upgrade Process

Gain control over which release versions of modules are used on your system by locking the available modules allowing your systems to upgrade modules when you release new versions.