IP Phones For Every Workspace

All Clearly IP phones are designed to work with your favorite SIP based PBX or softswitch and can be easily provisioned free of charge using the ClearlyIP Device Manager software or the Clearly Devices module for FreePBX® based systems.

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Give Your Employees the Best Tools to Simplify Communication.

We designed our ClearlyIP phones to look great and offer powerful features, while still retaining an ease of use that appeals to business owners. ClearlyIP phones are sleek and elegant, offering true “plug and play” functionality. Users simply connect our phones to any internet connection to instantly make and receive calls.

All ClearlyIP phones offer full-duplex speakerphones with superior voice quality and rich color LCD display screens. Additional features include: A 2-year warranty, Zero Touch Provisioning, intercom, supports VPN and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.



ClearlyIP Phone Models


ClearlyIP CIP290v2 IP Phones

CIP290v2 IP Phones

The CIP290v2 is an innovative Android smart IP phone with a seven-inch touch IPS screen with Optional HD Camera, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts.


ClearlyIP CIP280v2 IP Phones

CIP280v2 IP Phones

The CIP280 is an Android powered smart IP phone with a five-inch touch IPS screen, built-in camera, Bluetooth, and WIFI, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts.


ClearlyIP CIP270 IP Phones

CIP270v2 IP Phones

The CIP270v2 is the most robust of our CIP phones, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts. Perfect for an executive office or a reception desk.



CIP250 IP Phones

CIP250v2 IP Phones

The CIP250v2 is the perfect general office phone, supporting up to 8 SIP accounts. This is our most popular phone for general office use.


CIP230 Phone

CIP230v2 IP Phones

The CIP230v2 is our most economical model, supporting up to 4 SIP accounts. This phone has a reduced footprint for smaller work areas.


CIP230 Phone

CIP200 Expansion Module

The CIP200 expansion module offers an additional two pages of 20 programmable hard keys, making it a must-have for receptionists.




Clearly Anywhere Mobile Softphone

Easy to Provision Mobile Softphone Bringing Voice, Text, and Picture Messaging to FreePBX® Users

Clearly Anywhere with its simple to implement integration into FreePBX allows system administrators to easily set up, configure, and deploy a feature-rich intuitive softphone client to their end-users on both Android and iOS devices.

With today’s need for employees to work from anywhere, Clearly Anywhere enables FreePBX® users to make business calls from multiple devices without compromising their privacy. With tight integration into FreePBX, partners and end-users alike can confidently and easily work from anywhere!

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All Our IP Phones Come Equipped with the Following Features


Easy to Use Phone Apps

Using our ClearlyIP Device Manager, Clients with FreePBX® 14 and above based systems can replace complicated phone commands with the click of a button.

Built-in OpenVPN Client

Our system allows you to tunnel your IP subnetwork or virtual ethernet connection, creating secure ethernet bridges to protect your data.

Zero Touch Provisioning

With Zero Touch Provisioning our servers will direct the configuration to the phone of your choice. Just send the client or employee an unprovisioned phone, and you don’t have to leave your desk.

Full Duplex Speaker

All of our phones come with a Full Duplex Speaker, ensuring clear communication between parties.

Full Color LCD Displays

All ClearlyIP Phones come with large full-color displays creating sharp easy to read text and graphics.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet with PoE

Not every area has a separate drop for both a phone and computer. All of ClearlyIP’s phones allow for high-speed gigabit passthrough for computer connectivity.

2 Year Hardware Warranty

Our best-in-class warranty provides a 2-year protection for your phones, with an optional to add an addition 3-years to extend the warranty to 5 years.

5 Way Conferencing

Sometimes your conference line may be in use. ClearlyIP phones allow up to 5 direct connections, meaning that you can have your conversations when you need them.

HD Codec Support

All ClearlyIP phones offer support for both G722 and Opus codecs, allowing for the crispest sound possible.



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ClearlyIP Phone Accessories


USB Panic Button

ClearlyIP USB Panic Button

The USB Panic Button connects to any ClearlyIP Phone that has a USB port and is placed in an easily accessible location such as under the desk or mounted to the wall. When pressed the button triggers the phone’s Panic Button feature or speed dial, which starts the broadcast dialing process, alerting recipients of a problem.

  • Allows programming the USB button to call any destination on the PBX such as a Ring Group, Queue, or Page Group.
  • When pressed, the phone will NOT show it is on an active call, and the speaker will not be active.
  • Compatible with CIP230v2, CIP250, CIP250v2, CIP270, CIP270v2, CIP280v2 and CIP290v2 IP Phones.
USB Bluetooth/WiFi Dongle

ClearlyIP USB Bluetooth/WiFi Dongle

Connect your ClearlyIP CIP230v2 and CIP250v2 to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with ClearlyIP’s USB Bluetooth 4.2 + Dual band Wi-Fi Dongle. This device allows the use of Bluetooth wireless headsets or Wi-Fi connectivity with the ease of plug & play technology.

  • Bluetooth specification: V4.2+Hssystem
  • Dual-band WiFi: 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Wireless data rate can reach up to 433Mbps
  • IEEE Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac



EHS30 Headset Adapter

ClearlyIP EHS30 Headset Adapter

The ClearlyIP EHS30 Wireless Headset Adapter is used for connecting ClearlyIP CIP250, CIP250v2, CIP270, CIP270v2, CIP280v2 and CIP290v2 phones to supported wireless headsets that have EHS (electronic hook switch) capability. This device allows the user to control off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes from the headset.

  • Connects ClearlyIP phones to wireless headsets that have EHS capability.
  • Allows the user to control off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes from the headset.
  • Supports popular wireless headsets such as Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser.
CIP USB Camera 200

ClearlyIP USB HD Camera 200

Attach the the optional HD plug-and-play ClearlyIP USB Camera 200 to the CIP290v2 IP phone for smooth and convenient 1080p (30fps) video calls.

  • The ClearlyIP USB 2 Mega-Pixel HD Camera is compatible only with the CIP290v2 IP Phone.
  • The ClearlyIP USB HD Camera features a privacy shutter on the camera lens to protect users’ privacy.
  • The ClearlyIP USB HD Camera easily connects to the back of the CIP290v2 IP Phone and swivels up and down for optimal facial placement.
  • Video codec: H.265, H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263, VP8



DaaS - Device Rental Program


Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Device Rental Program

If you need phones for your business, but don’t want to invest in overhead, ClearlyIP’s Device Rental Program was made for you. Turning overhead into a monthly operating expense means small regular payments, and a better tax deduction. Contact your local ClearlyIP partner for details, or click the button below to learn more.

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Built-in Security Tools


Panic Button

A single button that instantly dials multiple programmed numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to the recipients. The phone then goes into a broadcast-only mode, allowing the people on the receiving end to note the location of the call, and hear what is transpiring in the room.

Silent Intercom

ClearlyIP has created Silent Intercom™ a system that allows school administrators to activate a classroom deskphone and enable the microphone remotely. The phone, if not on another call, will auto-answer and activate the microphone on the phone without Indicating it’s on an active call.