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Mark a Classroom as Safe During an Emergency

ClearlyIP’s Silent Intercom ™ enables authorized personnel to connect to any other ClearlyIP phone, on the same phone system, and monitor what is happening in the room without any indication to unauthorized occupants.

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There Are Any Number of Things That Can Constitute An Emergency

In some cases, it may be impossible for the occupants to dial an extension, or reach out for help, but it’s still possible to check in on them to see if they are safe.


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Unauthorized People



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Hazardous Substance



Silent Intercom School Security

What is Silent Intercom?

ClearlyIP has created Silent Intercom™ a system that allows school administrators to activate a classroom deskphone and enable the microphone remotely. The phone, if not on another call, will auto-answer and activate the microphone on the phone without Indicating it’s on an active call. This is a one-way connection, no sounds will be broadcast from the administrator’s extension.



Why Do Classrooms Need Silent Intercom?

With Silent Intercom you have one more tool to help ensure you are prepared when an emergency happens.


Mark as Safe

Allows the administration to work with first responders and mark areas as safe, allowing for better use of resources.

Identify Threats

Hear the area around the telephone, without alerting a threat in the classroom.

Verify Location

Provides accurate information to first responders on which classrooms contain a threat.



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