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Succession Planning of Your Telecom Business with ClearlyIP


Succession Planning of Your Telecom Business

Chances are you’re focused on building your telecom business, not the day you will leave it behind. But failing to plan for your transition out of your business can result in a messy succession process and lost value.

Turning the page is never easy or simple, but it’s a reality facing more and more telecommunication entrepreneurs. A high percentage of small and mid-sized telecom business owners are aged 55+ or older, the coming wave of business transitions in the industry is on the horizon.

At ClearlyIP we invite Telecom Business Owners and Resellers to have a discussion with our succession planning team. We welcome the opportunity to work on a collaborative plan that ensures your legacy continues in line with ongoing financial incentives and income.



Succession Planning

4 Exit Strategies for Telecom Entrepreneurs


ClearlyIP offers support in every direction or relationship a telecom entrepreneur prefers to commence and stage an exit. Or through our Referral Program where we will help you turn your happiest customers into a virtual army of brand advocates. Easily integrate, automate & scale your referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.


Succession Planning of your Telecom

Master Agent

Stay involved in telecom and transition to an Ambassador Agent so you can still enjoy the benefits of successful selling and reap the financial rewards. ClearlyIP does all the heavy lifting of onboarding, billing and ongoing support/maintenance.

Referral Partner

Referral Partner

Acquire new customers with the ClearlyIP Referral Program. Custom-designed and fully-automated by our specialists to meet all your customers needs. Get growing with the customer referral program and customers enjoy the expertise you can count on.


Acqusition of Telecom Customers

Acqusition of Customer Base

Customer acquisition is the process of selling an established client database in efforts towards a clean slate exit. Acquisition is one of the most popular strategies for business owners to exit with the transition of the customers to a new carrier that maintains the service and support at a cost per opportunity.

Succession Planning of your Telecom

Sale of Business

The sale of a business usually is not a sale of one asset, instead, all the assets of the business are sold. Including the sale of a client base, inventory, service vehicles, tools, intellectual property and/or technology stacks, along with several other assets for consideration. When this occurs, each asset is treated as being sold separately for determining the treatment of gain or loss. A business usually has many assets.



Leading Experts in Telecom M&A


The ClearlyIP Executive Team has been involved in over 20 M&A deals with a combined experience ranging from 50K to over 30M.

Our leading experts and M&A options accelerate deal closing and help Telecom Business Owners maximize exit value. Simplify the nuances of selling a telecom businesses with a Partner that will help you act quickly while collaborating and executing confidently.




Tony Lewis

CEO, Clearly IP Inc.

Businesses that choose us as their trusted advisor and telecom succession partner recognize and appreciate the value they receive from the type of partnership we provide.

Our approach is strategic and focused on long-term relationships rather than just transactional ones. We approach each client’s business and preferred exit plan with our quality, industry knowledge, and results-oriented succession programs and options.

Every conversation is treated with the utmost privacy, and confidentiality, and the path to doing so safely starts with mutual respect and ensuring that each party is bound to respect the confidential information provided and not use it to the disclosing party’s detriment.