Consulting Services

We help unravel the telecommunications puzzle so you can run your business with peace of mind.

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Clearly IP is a products and cloud services company that specializes in the Telecommunications space. We offer specialized consulting services that may be able to help your business and we welcome you to contact us for more information on consulting and support services we offer.


Telecom Business Consulting on M&A’s


Looking to Buy or Sell a Telecom Related Business?
Let us help you in the process.

We offer an experienced management team that has been through 7 acquisitions, in the last 4 years, all in the Telecom space.

  • Experience from both a buyer and seller.
  • Acquisitions ranging in size from 5 people and 300k purchase price to 150+ people and 36 Million purchase price.
  • Experienced in the Due Diligence phase and helping alleviate risk in the purchase and truly understanding what you are buying.
  • Understanding the technical side of products you are buying and where the technical debt of products or services exist and what risk factors you have.
  • Pro Forma Financials with all synergy savings phased in
  • Post closing reorganization and merging to teams and back offices
  • Messaging to staff of the new combined company.
  • Locking in key employees so they do not leave post closing.
M&A Consulting



Custom Development for FreePBX® or Asterisk®


Custom Development Consulting
Looking to have an application or feature you want added or extended in FreePBX?

Over 30 years of Asterisk and FreePBX development experience. Our founders and staff account for over 50% of all code in FreePBX as of version 15 and were the original founders of modern FreePBX before selling to Sangoma Technologies.

We can provide:
  • Custom module to add new features to FreePBX.
  • Extend existing modules to add new functionality.
  • Provide Skinning and Rebranding of FreePBX.
  • Integrate your existing products into FreePBX and provide a seamless integration of your product into FreePBX for your customers.



Enterprise Support Contracts for FreePBX® or Asterisk®

We offer support contracts for customers ranging in size from 10 extensions to 1,000s of extensions. Options for 9X5 to 24X7 support contracts. Billed in Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly options ranging in length from 1 to 5 years.


No Hourly Charges

ClearlyIP offers all-inclusive annual support contracts, ensuring piece of mind and best-in-class service.

Custom Tailored

We understand that every company has different requirements when it comes to support needs and budget requirements. That’s why we offer complete customization of all our service contracts.

In-house Support

Support handled through the Clearly IP professional services team and backed by our core development team for those hard to solve issues that require getting a developer to resolve your issues.