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Assurance Benefits

Your investment in yearly Software Assurance for your ComXchange systems ensures you continue to receive the latest software updates and access to the technical support team for all of your covered support needs on a per-system basis.
Software Assurance



Updates provide new features, ever-improving useability, and the latest innovations. In addition, keeping current on your software ensures support when you need it most. Even if you don’t plan on using the respective software functionality, you should still run updates, considering they may come with security and stability improvements.

It is imperative that customers stay continuously up-to-date with the latest software to ensure protection from glitches, bugs, exploits, uniformity in feature sets, and up-to-date call accounting rate tables.

Included with Software Assurance is access to technical support between 8-5 Monday-Friday and 24/7/365 emergency support. Plus, all feature upgrades and security patches, and annual updates of the call accounting rate tables.

To provide cost savings, ClearlyIP offers our partners and customers discount incentives on multi-year support of 2,3,4 or 5-year options for Software Assurance coverage per system. Contact your sales representative for purchasing information on multi-year Software Assurance support versus a single-year purchase.



Software Upgrades, Updates & Patches

Call Accounting Rate Table Updates

Access to Technical Support


Potential consequences of not keeping your ComXchange system updated could lead to unpatched security vulnerabilities being exploited. Every year, unpatched vulnerabilities cause billions of dollars of damage worldwide to various software applications globally. The main reason is that users don’t install critical software patches, allowing exploit loopholes that have long been patched.


Many updates resolve general issues and bugs. While these non-critical errors are not responsible for security-relevant vulnerabilities, they may potentially impact the performance and stability of your system.


We are here to help to answer deployment, migration, and troubleshooting questions. If your team depends on ComXchange for many of its day-to-day activities, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed support team offers fantastic peace of mind.


Access to the latest features, enhancements, and upgrades to ensure your investment is future-proof as the hospitality and communication industries evolve.