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Sometimes seconds matter. CodeX is an emergency notification and alert platform that integrates seamlessly with all ClearlyIP and FreePBX based systems. CodeX module is designed for organizations that need a way to mark areas of a building as safe or unsafe during an emergency. CodeX is simple and easy to implement, it allows for the creation of customized groups and lists prerecorded alerts that can be sent by administration. After the alerts are received, there is a predetermined time for a response to be sent. Those responses are collected and displayed with a date and time stamp and can be of invaluable help to first responders.


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Codex Security Monitoring

What is CodeX?

CodeX allows administration to set up groups of phones. Those groups can then be selected if an emergency arises, and a CodeX can be initiated. This will broadcast a prerecorded message to the selected groups. Upon hearing the announcement, a pin code must be entered within a limited time, either marking the room safe, unsafe, or unreported. Codex then displays the list of rooms and their status. This can be critical information for first responders.

With the addition of the Clearly Anywhere mobile softphone, a CodeX can be initiated or responded to using a cell phone from any location.



Why Do Organizations Need CodeX?

With CodeX you have one more tool to help ensure you are prepared when an emergency happens.


Mark Areas as Safe
During an Emergency

Quickly and easily records safe or unsafe responses and displays the information in a color-coded format.

Offers Options
for Responses

Rooms can be marked as safe, unsafe, or unreported. ClearlyIP offers tools that integrate with CodeX to allow further clarification on room status.

Verified Location

Reports are recorded for each room, allowing responders to see the rooms they need to be concerned with quickly.


Room Reporting

Announcements can be sent out in call groups or to the entire building. Regardless of the way the announcement is sent, each individual room will have a report designation.

Manages Emergency

During an emergency the last thing you want to cause is panic. By prerecording the announcements, the administrator can choose which announcement to send and not worry about how it sounds.

Auto Logs
Incoming Responses

A date and timestamp are logged for each response. This can be valuable for establishing timelines during an emergency.

CodeX Experts
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