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Education Solutions

ClearlyIP Solutions for Education

Unified Communications Designed for Education

ClearlyIP Phone systems are an ideal fit for schools, universities and facilities looking to get more out of a PBX.




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Educational Communication Solutions


Emergency Tools

ClearlyIP has designed tools that will help the staff and first-responders in case of an emergency.

UC Phone Systems

ClearlyIP phone systems support all sizes of schools and institutions, with the possibility to grow built-in.

Trunking Services

ClearlyIP’s SIP trunking (Session Initiated Protocol) utilizes your own internet bandwidth to route your calls.

IP Desk Phones

ClearlyIP offers different phones to fit the needs of a single classroom to a busy office.



Emergency Tools


Panic Button for Education

A single button that instantly dials multiple programmed numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to the recipients. The phone then goes into a broadcast-only mode, allowing the people on the receiving end to note the location of the call, and hear what is transpiring in the room.

Silent Intercom for Education

ClearlyIP has created Silent Intercom™ a system that allows school administrators to activate a classroom deskphone and enable the microphone remotely. The phone, if not on another call, will auto-answer and activate the microphone on the phone without Indicating it’s on an active call.

CodeX for Education

Safety Status Simplified

CodeX is an emergency notification and alert platform that integrates seamlessly with all ClearlyIP and FreePBX based systems. CodeX module is designed for organizations that need a way to mark areas of a building as safe or unsafe during an emergency.




Unified Communication Phone Systems for Schools and Universities

ClearlyIP’s UC phone systems are an excellent solution for schools and universities. With features like voicemail-to-email, call recording, and call routing, these systems can help educational institutions better manage communication with students, faculty, and staff. In addition, ClearlyIP’s UC phone systems offer advanced security and privacy features, ensuring that sensitive information is protected. With easy installation and user-friendly interfaces, educational institutions can quickly and seamlessly integrate these phone systems into their existing infrastructure, improving communication and collaboration across campus.

ClearlyIP Education Phone Systems




ClearlyIP IP Phones for Education

IP Desk Phones

The Advanced features of ClearlyIP IP Phones make them an ideal solution for schools and universities. These features include conference calling, easy-to-use phone apps, and a built-in OpenVPN client. Those features, combined with a cost-effective price point and Zero Touch Provisioning, make them a favorite of IT administrators. All ClearlyIP phones offer a built-in panic button and silent intercom feature, perfect for teachers and staff in an emergency. With high-quality audio and a user-friendly interface, ClearlyIP phones are an excellent fit for any educational institution.




Trunking Services

ClearlyIP Trunking Service aka “SIP trunking” (Session Initiated Protocol) utilizes your own internet bandwidth to route your business calls instead of using expensive traditional analog phone lines or T1/PRI connections. The SIP Protocol is a universal open standard communications method that can connect to just about any SIP-enabled phone system or device. We make it easy to order, provision and manage your services in real-time, providing a smooth easy, business-friendly transition to the cloud. You can have your new phone service provisioned, installed and turned up remotely in just minutes.


SIP Trunking



Support for Education


All ClearlyIP products come with some level of professional support from the ClearlyIP team. All that is needed is an authorized account user to enter a support ticket.

You can rely on ClearlyIP’s team of technical support professionals who provide high-quality, prompt, and efficient technical and product-related support. In addition to the personal support, we also offer a WIKI for documentation on all ClearlyIP Products.