IP Phones and Softphones



ClearlyIP’s IP Phones and Softphones

ClearlyIP CIP-Series IP Phones
We designed our ClearlyIP phones to look great and offer robust features while still retaining ease of use that appeals to business owners. ClearlyIP phones are sleek and elegant, offering true “plug and play” functionality. Users connect their ClearlyIP phones to any internet connection to instantly make and receive calls. The CIP-Series currently offers three models of phones, the CIP230, CIP250, CIP270. A new addition, the CIP290, is coming soon. We also have a sidecar, the CIP200, compatible with the CIP270 and will also be compatible with the CIP290.


Custom Phone Branding
In the highly competitive telecommunications market, ClearlyIP offers one more way to stand out against your competition. Branding the phones with your company’s logo or offering your customers the option of having their company name on every phone increases brand recognition, customer loyalty, and margins!


Clearly Anywhere Softphone
Clearly Anywhere is a feature-rich mobile and desktop softphone designed for busy professionals. Enjoy limitless communications with an easy-to-use interface to make & receive telephone calls over the internet on your computer or smartphone. Clearly Anywhere can be installed on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, which allows you to leverage the same powerful performance and connection you’re used to with your desktop work phone, anywhere and everywhere.