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Transform Communication Challenges with Unified Brilliance

EPlatform is an advanced unified communications solution combining flexibility and scalability to address diverse organizational communication challenges with innovative features such as voicemail transcription, advanced contact center capabilities, and real-time SMS integration.


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Elevating Communication Excellence

The EPlatform solution has been meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled suite of unified communications features within a highly adaptable and scalable framework. From fundamental voice communications to seamlessly integrated real-time SMS capabilities and beyond, EPlatform emerges as a comprehensive solution poised to address and effectively address the myriad communication challenges your organization faces. Whether navigating basic communication needs or delving into more intricate aspects, EPlatform stands ready to elevate and optimize your organization’s communication landscape.


Engineered Resilience

EPlatform’s Unparalleled Scale and Robustness

EPlatform was built to address scale and resilience problems that were difficult or impossible to solve with other solutions. Based on a real-time database engine, EPlatform scales and replicates–delivering high availability and survivability. This intrinsic ability ensures that the platform offers exceptional high availability and survivability, providing organizations with a robust and resilient communication infrastructure that can withstand the dynamic demands of today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape. Incorporating this sophisticated real-time database engine sets EPlatform apart as a forward-thinking and reliable choice for organizations seeking scalability and a steadfast solution capable of ensuring continuous communication operations even under challenging circumstances.






EPlatform’s Features

EPlatform surpasses the limitations of a traditional phone system by seamlessly integrating multi-channel capabilities at every operational level. This forward-thinking approach enhances communication versatility and positions EPlatform as a comprehensive solution for diverse organizational needs. By leveraging advanced cloud API technologies, the platform ensures innovation and does so at an economical cost, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize their communication strategies.


EPlatform vmail transscription

Voicemail with Transcription

EPlatform call center features

Contact Center Features

EPlatform speech synthesis

Cloud Speech Synthesis

EPlatform reports

Detailed Reporting and Analytics


EPlatform chat and sms

Real-time Multi-Channel: Chat & SMS

monitoring and recording

Monitoring & Recording

Innovative UIs

Innovative UIs


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Solutions for Small and Large Organizations

EPlatform can solve unified communications challenges for small and medium businesses and large organizations. The solution can be deployed in one or an N+1 server model to achieve scale. On-premises solutions include “bare metal,” virtualized machine images, or private cloud plug-in machines.


Cloud Turnkey

Turn-Key Cloud Solution

Whether deploying one or many sites, launching EPlatform is a smooth turn-key operation. Provide system parameters: size, language, time zone, and some other basic information, and our automated launch system will have your server operational within a few minutes.




Eplatform Support
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24 Hour
Service and Support


24 Hour EPlatform Service and Support

EPlatform stands out as a pinnacle of reliability and continuous operation, with a robust 24/7 monitoring system ensuring high availability and optimal performance. Its architecture is purposefully crafted to exhibit high resilience, guaranteeing stability even under challenging conditions. As part of the comprehensive hosted solutions, EPlatform offers complete access to ClearlyIP’s dedicated help desk and operations center, providing users with peace of mind knowing that expert assistance and support are readily available. This commitment to constant monitoring, resilience, and accessible support positions EPlatform as a trustworthy and dependable solution, ensuring users can confidently and easily navigate any potential challenges.