Telecom Services

Telecom Services

Telecom Services

FreePBX® Training Services

Training for FreePBX®

Attend our 4 day training class to learn all about FreePBX from setup to managing and troubleshooting your installs. Taught by FreePBX experts.

Telecom Consulting Services


We offer specialized telecom consulting services to help unravel the telecommunications puzzle so you can run your business with peace of mind.

Phone Number Attestation Service

Attestation Service

Use ClearlyIP’s free attestation service to discover the service provider, the attestation rating, and the service provider code for your phone number.


STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Managment

STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Management

ClearlyIP Can Now Sign Calls for Originating Service Providers Whom Have Obtained Their Certificates.


E911 Compliance


Kari's Law Service

Kari’s Law

Kari’s Law applies to multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) in the United States to enable users to dial 911 directly, without having to dial a prefix to reach an outside line, and to provide a notification (e.g., to a front desk or security office) when a 911 call is made.

Ray Baum's Act Service

Ray Baum’s Act

Ray Baum’s Act requires that first responders have the necessary information needed to pinpoint the “dispatchable location,” and quickly reach a 9-1-1 caller regardless of the device they dial from, or their exact location inside a large building.

Alyssa's Law Service

Alyssa’s Law

Alyssa’s Law is legislation to improve the response time of law enforcement during emergencies in public schools. It mandates that all public elementary and secondary school buildings be equipped with silent panic alarms that directly notify law enforcement.