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It’s easier than ever to get access to the latest and greatest IP desktop phone technology. With the ClearlyIP Device Rental Program, deploy a world-class communications experience with a variety of best-in-class IP phones and monthly rental options.

DaaS Device Rental Partner



Supercharge Your User Experience
Best-in-Class IP Deskphone Technology with No Upfront Investment

Our Device Rental Program is a Device-as-a-Service Program (DaaS) offered by our ClearlyIP authorized partners. DaaS is a program where ClearlyIP phones can be rented, reducing the initial overhead for small businesses. Larger businesses often take advantage of DaaS programs so that the phones are not an owned asset, but can be claimed as an operating expense. Both of these reasons make it popular for businesses.

DaaS Device Rental Program

Device Rental Program

Get reliable, feature-rich unified communication endpoints with no upfront investment and a predictable payment plan. Choose devices that meet the needs of your users and are easily deployed and managed on your selected UC platform.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Deploy your telephony solution with the ClearlyIP phones you need without the large initial investment, saving your budget for other projects. Customers will be able to deploy phones with budget-friendly options and hardware refreshes at an affordable, fixed monthly price.




Management of customer desktop
phone services.


Services may include procurement,
device configuration, installation,
and ongoing technical support.


Services are delivered on a
subscription basis for a monthly fee.

The ClearlyIP Device Rental Program does not include the corresponding ClearlyIP software license which must be purchased separately.
ClearlyIP Device Rentals are available in the US only.




Benefits of Device Rental Program


Newest Technologies

State of the Art Technology

Improved Management

Cloud-based Device Management Platforms


Greater Flexibility to Scale Up or Down



High-quailty UC Endpoints Tightly Integrated Into Any PBX Platform

Faster Deployments

Easy Deployment and Integration on ClearlyIP Supported Platforms

Flexible Plans

Flexible Payment Options for a Complete Solution


Risk Adverse

Lowered Risk with Extended Service

Improved Budgeting

Predictable Monthly Expense

Lower Capital Expenditures

Free Up Cash Flow



ClearlyIP’s Device Rental Program is a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) For more information, reach out to your ClearlyIP representative, click the chat button, or call us directly.


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Models and Monthly Subscription Terms


ClearlyIP CIP290v2 IP Phones

CIP290v2 IP Phones

The CIP290v2 is an innovative Android smart IP phone with a seven-inch touch IPS screen with Optional HD Camera, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts.

ClearlyIP CIP280v2 IP Phones

CIP280v2 IP Phones

The CIP280 is an Android powered smart IP phone with a five-inch touch IPS screen, built-in camera, Bluetooth, and WIFI, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts.

ClearlyIP CIP270 IP Phones

CIP270v2 IP Phones

The CIP270v2 is the most robust of our CIP phones, supporting up to 16 SIP accounts. Perfect for an executive office or a reception desk.


CIP250 IP Phones

CIP250v2 IP Phones

The CIP250v2 is the perfect general office phone, supporting up to 8 SIP accounts. This is our most popular phone for general office use.

CIP230 Phone

CIP230v2 IP Phones

The CIP230v2 is our most economical model, supporting up to 4 SIP accounts. This phone has a reduced footprint for smaller work areas.

CIP230 Phone

CIP200 Expansion Module

The CIP200 expansion module offers an additional two pages of 20 programmable hard keys, making it a must-have for receptionists.


Subscription Term Options













If your business is looking to take advantage of ClearlyIP’s Device Rental Program, click the button below to find a local ClearlyIP Partner.

DaaS programs are just one of the features that make partnering with ClearlyIP a win/win for partners and their clients.



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