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When is a Computer Not a Computer? When It’s a Phone!

Breanna Fernie

Am I the only one starting to think like my laptop is kind of like Inspector Gadget? I use it to make shopping lists, send emails, create P.O.s, and yes… I use it as a phone too. If you’re hearing the Inspector Gadget song in your head, you are not alone… deedle deedle deet deet de de de de. Sorry for the earworm, but you know the only cure is to give it to someone else!

Softphones are computer programs that mimic the telephone many of us grew up with. If you do not know the feeling of being tethered to a corded phone, your actions are limited by the length of an often stretched or tangled curly bunch of wires, then consider yourself lucky.

Let me paint a picture for you. Right now, I am sitting on my deck enjoying the Vancouver sunshine while I work with my laptop on my lap. I am wearing my wireless headset and doing my best impression of Britney Spears! When someone calls my direct line, I can answer that call on my laptop with my wireless headset, and it appears to the caller as if I am sitting at my desk in the office. Now that may not be an adventure like Inspector Gadget – but it sure makes me feel like a super spy! I can go on other adventures, like to a coffee shop, a lakeside cabin, airport, and never miss answering my phone when someone is trying to reach me because that is important to me. Connection. And wherever! As long as I have my trusted laptop with me, I am fully equipped for uninhibited calls and undercover operations!
Britney Spears Headset

Instead of sending data over a Plain Old Telephone Line (POTs), softphones utilize your existing internet connection to connect phone calls using your computer, laptop or tablet as the hardware. It’s what these softphones can do that is pretty amazing. Like Inspector Gadget, I reach for my computer with its seemingly endless bucket of uses.

I have our PBX set up when a colleague or customer calls me and dials my extension number ‘5024’; it rings ALL my devices simultaneously. My IP desk phone at the office, my computer desktop softphone, my tablet softphone, and my iPhone mobile softphone. This might have been considered over-the-top connectability in the past, but in this era, it is essential. Let’s face it – no matter where we are, we don’t want to miss an important sales call or not be there for our customers and colleagues when they need support.

Clearly Anywhere Desktop

I am super excited about the public launch of our newest innovation: Clearly Anywhere Desktop Softphone, this week. I have spent the last seven years in sales, going into boardrooms, and setting up my demo kit. This included putting my iPad, Mac laptop, IP desk, and iPhone on the board table. I’d ask my customer to call me on my direct line; 604.952.5012. When all the devices rang simultaneously, it was like clockwork. The customer would have amazement flash through their eyes and suddenly identify the benefits. Then suddenly, things would go sideways, and the customer would say, “no, no, no I don’t want to be THAT connected!” I laugh now, oh how things have changed. I still have clients calling me today saying, “remember that sales demo you did a few years ago when all your devices rang when I called you? Well, I sure wish I listened. I NEED that!” lol How Covid has dramatically changed lives overnight.

I invite you to join me in tomorrow’s full public launch webinar of our new Clearly Anywhere Desktop Softphone. It is one of the greatest desktop softphones I’ve used. It’s reliable, secure, easy to use, and when you get a license for yourself or your staff, you can put it on as many devices as you need. And feel free to join me on my deck and not work harder, but smarter, and have all the communication tools you need at your fingertips, just like Inspector Gadget!