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ClearlyIP’s Phone System Offers Enterprise Results at Hotel Pommier

I Never thought a phone system would be such a game-changer until we went live with ClearlyIP. It’s a great platform to standardize on, and their amazing growth speaks for itself!

~ Pritesh Patel, Owner – Hotel Pommier




Hotel Pommier is designed to be a modern take on local hospitality. As the only independent hotel in Indianola, Iowa, their focus is on the customer experience. From booking to checkout, they want their customers to feel like they genuinely have a significant interaction.

This is an innovative hotel where amenities and rooms are anything but typical. Offering single, double, and even triple bedrooms, and even a suite with 4 XL Full bunk beds able to sleep 8! Amenities include an oversized patio, Smart TVs, and even ping pong. They are local ambassadors who go the extra mile to ensure their guests enjoy everything Indianola offers.


When Hotel Pommier took over the property, an existing Mitel PBX phone system was in place. The system was beyond end-of-life and was beginning to show signs of failure, including constant console errors, dropped calls, and poor voice quality. The system was also difficult to service because of both age and the lack of authorized technicians.

The older system was not flexible enough for the needs of high utilization during peak time, coupled with times of low use. The phone system began to impact the guest experience negatively, and it became a more significant concern. It became impossible to change extension numbers, and they could not even relocate the central answering attendant console. When the system could not comply with Kari’s Law or the Ray Baum Act, installing a new solution became critical for guest safety.


ClearlyIP sat down with Pritesh Patel, the owner of Hotel Pommier, listened to the current issues he was experiencing, and discussed not just fixes but also where he envisioned Hotel Pommier’s future and what additional feature needs might arise with growth.

With that conversation and insight came a greater sense of understanding for ClearlyIP. Listening to the client and not making assumptions is one thing that ClearlyIP takes very seriously; we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. Not a cookie-cutter solution, but a custom-designed platform with all the features and reliability this establishment required.

After discussions with Mr. Patel and determining what was needed for both short-term and long-term operations, ClearlyIP was able to tailor a system that would meet the requirements for Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum Act, in addition to being designed to meet the specific functionality and communication technology needs of a hotel.

Standardization of all new ClearlyIP CIP Series IP Phones throughout the property was key to the new technology upgrade. The solution of CIP 230 phones for the guest rooms these phones allowed for the smallest nightstand or minimal desktop footprint while still proudly displaying the hotel’s name on a vibrant color screen.

Executive CIP 270 phones were chosen for the front desk. The 270’s larger display provides the front desk employees with easier access to the room number and guest information, improving the phone experience for the guests.

A new ClearlyIP On-Premise IP-PBX Solution was implemented for connectivity, flexibility, and on-premise stability. The CIP 715, which supports 40 extensions, 10 concurrent calls, and the ability to connect hard lines and sip trunks, was the ideal versatile solution. The hotel made the technology leap from old analog line services to sip trunking for cost savings and unlimited flexibility with the added benefit of call bursting for busier call traffic periods. Additionally, the customer added a new toll-free line for reservations and maximized remote workability with the ‘follow me’ feature to a mobile device when staff was on the move.


While the hotel received a significant upgrade to the phone system, they gained so much more than that. In the words of Pritesh Patel, “The ClearlyIP system is built for the future and now gives us endless possibilities. From basic items like call forwarding to self-service wake-up calls and texting, the platform can handle anything we throw at it”.

Along with the PBX, the guest room phones also exceeded expectations. Not only did they deliver a fantastic guest experience with the customization and a spare ethernet port, allowing the guest to choose wifi or a wired connection to the internet.

All phones can be tagged with a specific location in the PBX for 911 dispatch, making the installation compliant with the Ray Baum Act. None of the phones require dialing 9 to reach an outside line, ensuring this property meets the requirements of Kari’s Law.

The upgrade exceeded Mr. Patel’s expectations. When asked about the completed installation, Mr. Patel’s response was: “Overall, we needed a phone system compliant with the new dialing and location laws, but we ended up getting a full-blown communications platform. It allowed us to throw the fax machine in the dumpster, easily check voicemails, respond to missed calls, and more.”

“From the initial consultation to the go-live, the entire team at ClearlyIP was friendly, responsive, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about the platform,” said Mr. Patel. He added, “We had a smooth setup and transition with zero downtime thanks to the well-thought-out planning and execution of the team.”

“We can now deliver innovative guest experiences with technological amenities that are usually an after thought at hotels. Now we don’t worry about overflow calls getting dropped while still banking some serious cost savings with SIP trunking that flexes with our needs.”


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Top 5 Benefits of ClearlyIP’s
Communication Solutions


  1. Affordable and Flexible – Competitive rates with flexible terms.
  2. Business Continuity – Ensures that you can stay connected even in a disaster.
  3. Encrypted, Tested, Secure – Reliable infrastructure & encrypted conversations.
  4. White-Glove Service – Dedicated staff can meet every organization’s unique needs.
  5. Kari’s Law and The Ray Baum Act Compliant – Meets all requirements for emergency calls and specific 911 dispatch location.