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Top 3 Reasons ClearlyIP’s Clearly Anywhere Mobile Softphone Makes You Feel Like a Superhero

Breanna Fernie

Protect your Secret Identity! (No mask required)

According to Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, 42% of the US labor force is working from home. And whether you are working from home or working on the road, you are not in the office. This means that incoming calls must be forwarded, and outgoing calls come from your mobile, home phone, or any random phone booth you call from.

With Clearly Anywhere, your office extension rings on your mobile device, and calls from the mobile softphone are shown as coming from your office extension. This not only helps keep your personal information private but also creates a more professional impression of your company.


It’s Like Your Own Personal Utility Belt (Grappling Hook not included)

Features of the Clearly Anywhere softphone include:

  • Call, Record. Transfer. Conference. FreePBX users can send and receive calls from their office extensions and seamlessly switch from mobile to Wi-Fi connectivity. Clearly Anywhere allows users to record and transfer calls and even create conference calls on demand.
  • Mobile Voicemail: Clearly Anywhere offers a visual display and easy access to voicemail.
  • Uncomplicated Business Line SMS/MMS: Users can Text with other employees and external contacts using their Business Phone Number from supported carriers.
  • Push Integrations, ensure users don’t miss a call or SMS message, while simultaneously conserving device battery life.
  • Private Time and Do Not Disturb Options: Clearly Anywhere offers a granular do-not-disturb schedule that any user can set based on their preferences and work.


Instant Recall (Find that message quickly and the callback number even faster)

  • Mobile Voicemail: Clearly Anywhere offers a visual display and easy access to voicemail.
  • QuickDial Favorites: QuickDials are shortcuts for calling other users on the PBX, external numbers, or even feature codes. QuickDial can also be enabled with a BLF (Busy Lamp Fields) to show each subscribed QuickDial’s calling status.
  • Call History: This allows users to view and filter call records by “All,” “Missed,” or “Recorded” calls. Clearly Anywhere will also flag calls “answered on another device.” in the detailed call records. Call history also appears in the native OS call history applications.


You’re thinking…

Being a superhero requires hours of training (and I don’t even have a sidekick)

Clearly Anywhere, Setup and Provisioning is easy! Clearly Anywhere is provisioned within the FreePBX Administrative interface. Once enabled in FreePBX, end-users can follow simple instructions to install the application via the Android Play Store or iOS app store. Then automatically configure by clicking a link in the FreePBX User Control Panel, using a QR code, or entering a simple username and password.

How Do I Learn More?

  1. Sign up to attend our Product Launch Live Webinar
  2. View our Documentation in the ClearlyIP Knowledge Base
  3. Click the Link to Press Release
  4. Vist the Clearly Anywhere webpage

IM IN! Where’s my cape? (AKA: How do I purchase a license?)

Currently, purchasing licenses for Clearly Anywhere can be done by contacting our Sales Team Directly or reaching out to one of our Certified ClearlyIP Partners.

The easiest way to contact sales is by starting a chat, or by requesting a quote using this form.

  • We will prepare a quote for you.
  • Once you accept the quote, our onboarding team will send you a secure configuration form.


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