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With Clearly Anywhere mobile softphone your extension is anywhere you are.

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Easy to Provision Mobile Softphone Bringing Voice, Text, and Picture Messaging to FreePBX® Users


Clearly Anywhere with its simple to implement integration into FreePBX allows system administrators to easily set up, configure, and deploy a feature-rich intuitive softphone client to their end-users on both Android and iOS devices.

With today’s need for employees to work from anywhere, Clearly Anywhere enables FreePBX users to make business calls from multiple devices without compromising their privacy. With tight integration into FreePBX, partners and end-users alike can confidently and easily Work From Anywhere!

Your office in your pocket.

Regardless if a salesperson is on the road, an executive is working from another office, or someone is working from home. Your office phone is anywhere you need it to be.

It’s not necessary to forward calls, your extensions inbound calls will ring on your mobile device, the exact same way they do on your desktop. Everything is handled by the PBX.



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Easy Setup and Provisioning.

Clearly Anywhere is provisioned within the FreePBX Administrative interface. Once enabled in FreePBX, end users can follow simple instructions to install the application via the Android Play Store or iOS app store. Then automatically configure using a QR code or simple username and password, the same as the FreePBX User Control Panel.

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Clearly Anywhere Included Features


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Company Voicemail Goes Mobile

The voicemail of your company is now with you. Clearly Anywhere offers a visual display and easy access to voicemail.

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Uncomplicated Business Line SMS/MMS

Text with other employees and customers using your business phone number. Multiple users can share, send and receive messages on the same business number. Push integrations, ensure you don’t miss a call or SMS message, while at the same time conserving device battery life.

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Private Time and Do Not Disturb Options

Not everyone wants their business phone to ring in the middle of the night. For that reason, Clearly Anywhere offers a granular do-not-disturb schedule that any user can set based on their preferences and work.


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Call. Record. Transfer. Conference.

FreePBX users can send and receive calls from their office extensions and seamlessly switch from mobile to Wi-Fi connectivity. Clearly Anywhere allows users to record and transfer calls and even create conference calls on demand.

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QuickDial with BLF
(Busy Lamp Fields)

Just like your favorites on your cell phone. You can create quick dials to be able to easily call your contacts. Quickdial can also be enabled with a BLF (Busy Lamp Fields) status to show the current status from your PBX of each Quickdial contact you have enabled.

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Under the History section, you have the ability to choose “All”, “Missed” or “Recorded” calls. We also flag calls that have been “answered on another device”. Calls are also shown in the native OS call history.



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Clearly Anywhere enables employees to be available at any time without compromising their privacy.

Share business phone numbers rather than the user’s personal phone numbers. Use multiple devices such as phones and tablets on the same extension.



The Clearly Anywhere mobile softphone is available via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

It requires a license from ClearlyIP or one of our Partners or your Clearly Anywhere Supported Platform Provider.




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