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Is 170 Year-Old Technology Still Relevant?

Breanna Fernie

So, What is “Facsimile”?

  1. A tool that checks if the subject is fake news or not
  2. Something that finds facts similar to a subject matter
  3. A technology that was invented in 1843 and is still being used today


While discussing product needs with our partners, we learned that many of our partners use Fax to help “close” their voice business with their clients. Having a reliable fax solution allows our partners to close more voice business. Whether it be law firms transmitting confidential legal records, health organizations, faxing medical records, notaries, and real estate firms with important conveyancing documents, people and businesses everywhere still depend on Fax 170 years after its creation. They will not move voice services to solutions that don’t include Fax.

Ironically, faxing is growing in popularity. According to, “In most [US] states, legal agreements or contracts that contain a faxed or photocopied signature are valid and enforceable. Such documents can prove a contract’s existence during administrative proceedings or in a court of law.” Go figure!

With the Fax still relevant, ClearlyIP wanted to give our partners, and customers increased flexibility and mobility while using this (170-year-old!) technology. Having the ability to fax from your computer would be neat, but having the ability to fax from virtually anywhere, and anytime, would be so much more effective. ClearlyIP thought so too! We tasked our engineers with developing a tool that would make faxing more accessible, portable, and secure. And they did it! Clearly IP is pleased to announce our latest product release:


ClearlyIP’s solution offers the ability to send a fax from virtually anywhere, on any device.

Send and receive faxes as easy as you do an email without the worry of per page or per-user pricing. Simply attach your document to an email and send a fax by putting the fax destination number @ as your destination email address. ClearlyIP then converts your email to Fax and securely delivers it via our highly resilient cloud platform. Inbound faxes are automatically delivered directly to your inbox or distribution groups. Most modern Multi-Function Printers can be enabled to scan-to-fax and fax-to-print using high volume, low volume, and metered subscriptions available. And the beauty of is that it isn’t billed per page, per-user or per group – it’s priced for daily use.

I want you to check it out and discover why we’re proud of it.
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