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ClearlyIP’s platform modernizes faxing, making it as easy to send and receive faxes as e-mails. allows faxing from anywhere in the world without a fax machine, providing Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Scan-to-Fax, Fax-to-Print, and API Faxing without the worry of per page, user, or group pricing.

Appleton, WI – September 14, 2020Clearly IP Inc (“ClearlyIP” or the “Company”), today launched a new modern Fax Service that allows faxing from anywhere in the world without a fax machine. Users can send and receive faxes as easily as an email. was developed from the ground up with the aim of user-friendliness, security and allows the encryption of all faxes. It can enable subscribers to Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Scan-to-Fax, Fax-to-Print, and integrate API faxing without the worry of per page per-user or per group pricing.

“Faxing has become a stumbling block for businesses wanting to modernize their communications and move to VoIP or Cloud-based solutions. Using SIP Trunks for Faxing over IP is unreliable. This situation forces many companies to continue faxing using outdated, expensive legacy infrastructure or settling to send and receive faxes via a cumbersome web interface or adding expensive IP fax appliances to their traditional fax machines. Existing solutions in the market are expensive and not intuitive, especially if you need to enable multiple people to send and receive faxes. Faxing is still relevant in many businesses and professions. Our partners need fax to close their voice business delivers for them!” says Preston McNair, CRO at ClearlyIP.

“We are known for creating innovative solutions, so we didn’t merely want to build another generic fax solution just to tick a box, we wanted to modernize the 170-year-old fax machine,” said Tony Lewis, CEO of ClearlyIP. “Attach your document to an email and send a fax by putting the fax destination phone number as your destination email address. We then convert your email to fax and securely deliver it via our highly resilient cloud platform. Inbound faxes are automatically delivered directly to your inbox or email distribution groups. We can even work with modern Multi-Function Printers to enable scan-to-fax and fax-to-print using our solution.”

“After early beta testing of the service, we quickly reached out and worked with the ClearlyIP team to enable the API with our own Cloud Platform. Allowing us to secure the fax business of a large long term voice client”, says Jason Duncan of United Technology Group Inc. “Our client will be eliminating their legacy hardware-based fax servers. ClearlyIP has enabled us to provide a unique solution to their needs, and grow our capabilities and revenue simultaneously.” is now available as a subscription service through ClearlyIP Certified Partners or directly through the ClearlyIP Online Portal.

About ClearlyIP
With decades of leadership in communications and our own intellectual property, the ClearlyIP team provides world-class telecommunications services, applications, and hardware to businesses, ITSPs, OEMs, and other communications providers worldwide. Product offerings include Brandable Carrier-Grade IP Phones, VoIP Appliances, a Suite Advanced Cloud Services, and a feature-rich Kari’s Law, Ray Baum Act SIP Trunking platform. ClearlyIP is privately held and headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, and utilizes a “Build and Buy” strategy for company growth, building products that help us grow organically, and via strategic acquisitions, more at


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