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What is Virtual Faxing

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What is Virtual Faxing

 April 14

Join our team of telecom and fax experts for an in-depth Educational Training Event on Virtual Faxing.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

A brief history of faxing
The importance and relevance of faxing today
How to order, and set up a virtual fax service

In this webinar Tony Lewis, CEO will outline why ClearlyIP’s Platform is the easiest way for businesses to send a fax from virtually anywhere, on any device.

Tony will provide an introduction to the ClearlyIP online portal. How easy it is to set up and use. He will demonstrate how to send and receive using any preferred DID. How email addresses can be authorized to send for multiple fax DIDs. Plus, an API is available for preferred Partners and Enterprise Opportunities. This and much much more

This webinar is a great opportunity for all professionals considering moving to a virtual fax solution for business.


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