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Educational Training Series: Virtual Faxing

Event Details Virtual Fax Training Series

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Date: February 18, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM EST

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Join ClearlyIP for a FREE 30 minute education training webinar on Virtual Faxing. Most importantly, why switching from a wasteful fax machine to virtual faxing will not only save you money, it could give you the edge that makes customers choose you over the competition.

  • Learn how easy it is to send & receive e faxes
  • Insight on the benefits for your business and cost savings
  • Learn about best practice standardization
  • How to implement and manage an instance of
In depth training on set up, best practices and a live demonstration of e-faxing with our CEO, Tony Lewis.


Part 1 – What

What exactly is virtual faxing or e-fax? What technology can it replace and is there a return on investment? What platforms and devices can I use? What security advantages are there? These are all questions that will be reviewed and answered in an in-depth explanation of what virtual faxing is and the key technological advantages it offers.


Part 2 – Why

What are the benefits of e-fax? Is it secure? Staying competitive requires staying up with the latest technologies and internet faxing fits into that category and takes your business to the next level. Tony will explain how moving to a virtual faxing platform will significantly reduce an organization’s costs and enable faster, secure, fax communications. How virtual faxing security is more secure and reliable with high-security protocols versus physical fax machines. Improve your organization of documents and monitoring of transmissions.


Part 3 – How

A live demonstration for how you set up email and an online portal for faxing. How to send & receive an e-fax and how you can enable and manage specific email addresses or domains to send faxes. Quickly scan and fax multiple pages at once with your mobile device and how it works with any device. A guide to better organization of your documents including fax transmission confirmations- that are always available.


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