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Clearly Cloud June Update: Hot Summer Updates

Corey McFadden

Clearly Cloud Update

As I write the summary of our latest updates to Clearly Cloud, we’re squarely in summer here, and the temperature is not the only thing that’s hot–so is our engineering team! We’ve got a lot of significant updates, including one I’m super excited to announce, where we’ve added AI augmentation to Clearly Cloud’s Voicemail Transcription feature. Read all about it below!

AI Augmented Voicemail

We’re proud to announce a feature already providing Clearly Cloud’s users with much-needed efficiency when receiving and sorting through voicemail messages. The first thing worth noting is that we’ve improved the quality of voicemail transcriptions by upgrading our transcription engine. (Our tests show a significant improvement in recording accuracy over the old engine.)
The biggest improvement, however, is that we’re saving time by enhancing those transcripts with an automatic 15-word summary and category (“Solicitation,” “Political,” “Personal,” etc.) so you can easily choose whether to read and/or listen to the message in the first place.

Additionally, for users who receive voicemails from callers in various languages, we’ve enhanced the system’s translation capabilities to (optionally) deliver transcriptions and summaries in the user’s preferred language.

Other Enhancements

Permission Controls for Feature Codes
We’ve added new, better controls for which users have access to feature codes within the system. This improves an important security capability in that users cannot (for example) dial someone’s intercom extension and (potentially) eavesdrop on a conversation. The Call Panel will now allow the user to see a full list of feature codes they have access to and block dialing to those they aren’t permitted to call.

Bulk Recording Downloads
Users who need to access many call recordings can now easily download them in bulk! Access “Call Details,” highlight (multi-select) all the calls in question, and click the “Download” button.

Improved Selectors
Our Ring Group and Queue edit screens have improved selectors (pick lists) for choosing which extensions you wish to add or remove. (This is a significant improvement over having to know the extension numbers you want to add to these in advance!)

Configurable Volume for Paging Groups
It’s now possible to automatically override the volume of a device’s speakerphone when receiving paging calls. This allows you to specify a desired volume for a paging group, and supported phones will use this volume setting over whatever may have been set locally. This way, someone can’t accidentally turn down the volume and cause people to miss hearing important announcements.

Call Panel Improvements
We’re continuing to improve the look and feel of Call Panel. In addition to adding fields and filters enabling access to new Voicemail transcription features, we’ve moved more icons into the top menu bar to create consistency across all features and improved styling.

Voicemail Dial-In Improvements
When dialing in to play back messages, we’ve added two new options: “Voicemail Play CID” and “Voicemail Play Envelope”. These allow users to toggle whether they automatically want to hear that information when working through messages when dialing in over the phone.


Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Announcement recording permissions not being available corrected
  • Some old voicemail messages were not viewable via Call Panel
  • Activity log search issue
  • Transcription previously required an email and voicemail notification to be configured
  • User profile picture issue on user drop-downs
  • Call History showed a “cut off” number
  • Calls being answered on a different realm + direct call pickup prevented