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Clearly Cloud Latest Updates

Clearly Cloud April-May Updates: Enhancing Functionality and Performance

Corey McFadden

Clearly Cloud Updates

As we approach summer, we’re pleased to announce the latest updates for Clearly Cloud, encompassing releases to This cycle, we’ve focused on improving user experience, refining backend processes, and addressing critical bug fixes to ensure a smoother, more efficient interaction with our platform.

Enhancements for a Better User Experience

Branding Page Update
To help you make the most of your branding opportunities, we’ve added the recommended logo size directly on the branding page. This update simplifies the customization process, ensuring your logo looks its best on our platform.

Improved Welcome Emails
We’ve refined our welcome emails to provide clearer guidance and better engage new users. This change aims to enhance the onboarding process, ensuring that our customers start their Clearly Cloud journey smoothly.

Australian Numbers in Contact via Call Panel
For our Australian customers, we’ve added the ability to include Australian numbers when adding a contact via the Call Panel.


Backend Improvements for Future Features

Streamlined API and SIP Proxy Enhancements
Several legacy event service parameters have been removed from the API to streamline its functionality. We’ve also introduced an option to enforce a minimum registration expiration time, enhancing the security and reliability of registrations.
Our team has disabled a legacy SIP replication, which was no longer in use, and added the capability to cache DNS entries on the SIP Proxy. These changes improve the resilience and performance of SIP-related processes.

Dedicated Event Proxy Service
A significant backend improvement is the addition of a new dedicated event proxy service. This service now routes Call Panel events through a dedicated proxy, optimizing event handling and paving the way for future enhancements.

Simplified Time Conditions
We’ve removed the requirement to include the year when setting up time conditions, making it more intuitive and straightforward to configure schedules and rules.


Bug Fixes

Critical Bug Fixes

Our team continues to maintain platform reliability as its top priority, which is reflected in the numerous bug fixes included in these releases:

  • Call Panel Loading Issue: Fixed an error that could cause a popup to appear during call panel loading (“Failed to init application”).
  • Call Parking from Queues: Resolved an issue with parking calls from queues.
  • User Permissions: Addressed a problem where user permissions could be inadvertently removed when updated by a limited client user.
  • Phone Number Validation: Fixed issues with phone number validation when editing a contact.
  • Blind Transfer to Parking Extension: Corrected an issue affecting blind transfers to the parking extension for incoming external calls.
  • Video File Preview in Chat: Fixed a bug affecting the preview of uploaded video files in chat.
  • Voicemail Transfers: Resolved an issue where an empty destination list appeared for voicemail transfers in the Call Panel.
  • Queue Form Saving: Fixed an issue preventing the queue form from saving in the management interface.
  • Editing Contacts in Call Panel: Corrected an issue where contacts could not be edited in the Call Panel.
  • Missed Calls Permissions: Fixed a permissions issue related to missed calls in the Call Panel.
  • Bulk Delete Popup Typo: Corrected a typo in the bulk delete popup for Contacts in the Call Panel.


Looking Forward

There’s lots more to come in the next release cycle for Clearly Cloud, and we’re committed to it being your top-tier Unified Communications solution.

As always, your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and innovate–so stay in touch! Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for choosing ClearlyIP.



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