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How to prepare your Network for VoIP Installation

How to Prepare Your Network for VoIP Installation

Gerardo Barajas
Transitioning to a Voice over Internet Protocol system can enhance your business communications significantly, offering flexibility, reduced costs, and a host of advanced features. However, ensuring that your network is ready to handle VoIP is crucial for a smooth implementation.

Here’s how you can prepare:
  1. Assess Your Network Infrastructure: Evaluate your current network setup to ensure it can handle the increased load that VoIP will impose. This involves checking your internet bandwidth, router, switch capabilities, and ensuring they are up to VoIP standards.
  2. Upgrade Internet Connection if Necessary: VoIP requires a stable and robust internet connection. The rule of thumb is that you need about 100kb/s upload and download per line. Depending on the number of concurrent calls and data usage, you may need to upgrade your internet service to a higher bandwidth or consider a dedicated internet connection for voice traffic.
  3. Implement Quality of Service (QoS): QoS settings prioritize VoIP traffic on your network, which helps in maintaining call quality by reducing latency, jitter, and packet loss. Configuring QoS can make a significant difference in voice call quality.
  4. Consider Power Over Ethernet (PoE): PoE switches can power VoIP phones, eliminating the need for separate power supplies for each phone. This can simplify wiring and backup power solutions.
  5. Plan for Adequate Hardware and Software Support: Ensure that your VoIP devices are compatible with your network hardware and that any required software is up-to-date and capable of integrating with your new VoIP system. If possible, prefer a wired connection over wifi.
  6. Professional VoIP Assessment and Testing: Before going live, it’s wise to have a professional assess your network’s readiness for VoIP. Conduct thorough testing to identify any potential issues that could impact service quality.
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