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Clearly Cloud Latest Updates

Clearly Cloud: Latest Updates Series for March 2024

Corey McFadden

Clearly Cloud Updates

As spring is beginning to rejuvenate the natural world in the northern hemisphere, our engineering team here at ClearlyIP is busy laying down foundations of code and seeding innovative ideas. Clearly Cloud continues to advance and flourish, and we’re happy to share some recent updates!

New Clearly Cloud Features

New Features/Improvements
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  • Users can now generate their voicemail greetings using text-to-speech voices.
  • Call Panel has been enhanced to utilize more icons
  • Added ability to have have set a time condition to Early Open/Early Close (resuming normal behavior during next time cycle)
  • Added the ability to have multiple parking lots
  • Added the ability to add a concurrent call limit to a DID
  • Follow-me now supports multiple numbers
  • SMS to DIDs assigned to multiple users behavior improvements
  • Introduced a new feature to play an announcement on outbound calls
  • New feature to mass delete contacts
  • improvements to the call recording player layout
  • Add a contact from call history in Call Panel feature added
  • Improvements to the buddies (users) drawer when in mini mode
  • Automatic sync of Quick Dials in Clearly Anywhere to Call Panel selected favorites
  • Improved avatars for Queue Agents in Call Panel
  • Added a new API endpoint to get follow-me time conditions
  • Ability to set an announcement on a DID which will play on an inbound call


Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Voicemail transfers showing an empty destination list in Call Panel
  • Not being able to send video / audio files in chat
  • Issue with time conditions which could shift to incorrect time zones
  • Announcements were showing the id instead of name in dropdown
  • Issue where queue calls could potentially become orphaned in the Call Panel display
  • Queue call information was lost on a reload in Call Panel
  • Public room could not be closed when being joined within Call Panel
  • Validation of the max seconds when setting up a voicemail box



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