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BrainStorm Conference in Wisconsin Dells March 2024

A Focus on Safety: ClearlyIP Showcases Safety Solutions at Brainstorm Conference 2024

Michael Dunham

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for advanced communication solutions, especially in critical environments such as schools. ClearlyIP, a pioneer in communication technologies, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Brainstorm Conference, scheduled for March 11, 2024, at Wisconsin Dells. At booth 923, we will be showing our revolutionary e911 services, including CodeX and the Panic Button, designed to elevate safety in educational institutions.

e911 in Schools Brainstorm Conference
E911 Services in Education

In the fast-paced world of education, safety is a top priority. As schools embrace digital transformations, it becomes crucial to integrate communication systems that not only connect individuals seamlessly but also ensure rapid response in emergency situations. ClearlyIP’s e911 services are engineered to comply with Kari’s Law, The RAY BAUM Act and Alyssa’s Law.

Codex Brainstorm Conference
CodeX: Revolutionizing Emergency Response

CodeX, one of ClearlyIP’s flagship e911 solutions, is a boon to emergency response protocols in schools. This innovative technology goes beyond traditional 911 services, providing precise location and status information to first responders. In a crisis, every second counts, and CodeX is engineered to cut down response times, potentially saving lives. Stop by booth 923 at the Brainstorm Conference to witness a live demonstration of CodeX in action and learn how it can be seamlessly integrated into your school’s communication infrastructure.

Panic Button Brainstorm
Panic Button: A Swift Response at Your Fingertips

In addition to CodeX, ClearlyIP will be showcasing our Panic Button solution. This intuitive tool empowers educators and staff to trigger an emergency alert instantly. Whether it’s a medical emergency, an active threat, or any other critical situation, the Panic Button ensures a swift response by notifying the relevant authorities descretly and silently. Visit our booth to experience the simplicity and effectiveness of the Panic Button firsthand.

Why Visit Booth 923?

ClearlyIP’s presence at the Brainstorm Conference is an excellent opportunity for school educators and IT professionals to explore cutting-edge solutions that can enhance safety within educational institutions. Here are compelling reasons to stop by booth 923:

  • Live Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations of CodeX and the Panic Button to understand how these solutions can seamlessly integrate into your school’s communication infrastructure.
  • Expert Consultation: Speak directly with our knowledgeable team of experts who can provide insights into tailoring our e911 services to meet the unique needs of your educational institution.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals and discover how others are leveraging ClearlyIP’s solutions to enhance safety in their schools.
  • Partnership Opportunities: If you’re a reseller looking to expand your current portfolio of solutions, we should talk! Stop by the booth and explore the opportunities that ClearlyIP can offer you.

ClearlyIP is excited to be part of the Brainstorm Conference 2024, showcasing our state-of-the-art e911 solutions that enhance safety measures in educational settings. Join us at booth 923 on March 11, 2024, to explore the future of emergency communication in schools. Together, let’s empower educators and IT professionals with the tools they need to create safer learning environments for our future generations.