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ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway-POTS Replacement Solution

ClearlyIP Unveils VoIP Failover Gateway, Offering Groundbreaking Multi-Carrier Wireless Business Continuity

APPLETON, WISCONSIN- February 22, 2023 – ClearlyIP Inc. (“ClearlyIP” or the “Company”), a leader in innovative communication solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated VoIP Failover Gateway. This groundbreaking product is set to redefine VoIP business continuity, ensuring unprecedented reliability, efficiency, and cost savings.

Empowering Businesses with Unmatched Reliability

ClearlyIP’s VoIP Failover Gateway combines multi-path (LAN and 4G) VoIP service, a SIP registration and application server, as well as FXS/FXO POTS connectivity to create a “Swiss army knife” device. With 4G LTE as a backup VoIP transport, the gateway serves a broad spectrum of use cases. Two use cases highlight its utility: utilizing the gateway bundled with ClearlyIP trunking as a POTS replacement solution, and in a broader context as a Cloud PBX failover and business continuity solution.

ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway as a POTS Replacement Solution:

As a POTS replacement solution, the gateway is a turnkey package. It can be used as a replacement for POTS lines serving handsets, legacy PBX / key systems, elevators, fire panels, and other supported applications. The device has 6 FXS dial tone ports to connect these user devices and multiple power options to ensure survivability.

ClearlyIP Voip Failover Gateway as a PBX Failover Solution:

When voice continuity is critical, the gateway keeps voice service operating in the event of either an Internet outage or cloud PBX failure. In either case, the gateway will:

  • Establish a separate SIP trunk to the outside world.
  • Provide redundancy to 250 endpoints within the gateway and allow for special call routing on 2 FXO ports and 6 FXS ports.
  • Provide station-to-station calling to all connected devices.
  • Provide inbound calling via the SIP trunk, including IVR and announcements.
  • Provide outbound calling via the SIP trunk, including essential 911 support.
Launch Date and How to Learn More:

The ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway will be released on Thursday, February 22, 2024. Businesses looking to reinforce their communication infrastructure, embrace efficiency, scalability, and reliability are encouraged to explore the innovative features of this groundbreaking product.

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With decades of leadership in communications and developing innovative telephony solutions, the team at ClearlyIP provides world-class telecommunications services, applications, and customer-premise hardware to businesses, ITSPs, OEMs, and other communications providers across the globe. Product offerings include Brandable IP Phones, VoIP Appliances, a Suite of Advanced Cloud Services, and a feature-rich SIP Trunking platform with full compliance with Kari’s Law. ClearlyIP is privately held and headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, and utilizes a “Build and Buy” strategy for company growth, building products that help us grow organically and via strategic acquisitions; more at

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