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Clearly Cloud Latest Updates

Clearly Cloud: Latest Updates Series for October 2023 Features

Bryan Walters

Clearly Cloud Updates

A List of New Features and Improvements Released in October 2023 for Clearly Cloud Customers.

You can always review our full Release Notes here.

For those unfamiliar with Clearly Cloud, this is our fully managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform that combines voice, video, and messaging into one platform.

Clearly Cloud


Clearly Cloud Added Features

Added Features

  • Added the ability to set static Caller ID on ring groups and follow-me calls
  • Added the ability to action multiple voicemails in Call Panel at the same time
  • Adds the ability to manage notification settings in Call Panel
  • Adds the ability to have Clearly Anywhere Dial Actions, which allows forcing calls over GSM
  • Adds the ability to limit what Locations and Call Back Profiles a user can see in Call Panel


Clearly Cloud Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Disable the ability to get OTP codes via SMS when no SMS DID is defined
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the audio test in Call Panel from playing audio
  • Allow caller number filters in Call Notifications rules to be blank
  • Fixed typo in the Clearly Anywhere menu
  • Fixed issue with the voicemail transcription confidence level minimum value in the user form
  • Fixed a French translation for Digital Receptionists (IVR)
  • Removed notice saying that CDR export was limited when it was not
  • Added back the ability to allow customers to open new support tickets from the management interface with their reseller if set by the reseller
  • Fixes an issue with user creation when the voicemail length limit is not set
  • Fixes an issue where conversations weren’t being removed from users in Call Panel when removing their permissions for an SMS DID
  • Added fixes that will prevent announcements from being allowed to be in an endless loop
  • Fixes an issue where the paging group menu would be missing
  • Fixes an issue where chat would say it failed to load DM after creating a new direct message
  • Fixes an issue where direct messages and SMS messages wouldn’t refresh on the submission of new conversations
  • Fixes an issue where the table header and footer would not refresh correctly after a language change
  • Fixes an issue where user creation would fail due to the user hitting the user limit, but it wouldn’t say what the limit was
  • Fixes an issue with an invalid sort parameter which would cause issues creating new conversations
  • Prevent users from being created with an invalid profile ID which would cause them to receive an error when trying to login
  • Fixes an issue that prevents follow-me numbers from being added when separated by commas
  • Fixes an issue where aliases were not being cleaned up on the backend when updating external extensions
  • Fixes an issue where the transcription could be linked to the wrong voicemail


Clearly Cloud Improvements


  • Increased upstream read timeout for our API routes
  • Adds browser notifications and sound for chat messages in Call Panel
  • Various improvements to chat in Call Panel
  • Improved phone number formatting in Call Panel
  • Adds the ability to autocomplete call transfers in Call Panel via typing the extension or user’s name
  • Allows users to select multiple extensions to see all call history on one screen in Call Panel
  • Improves filename of downloaded recording when downloading via Call Panel
  • Adds the ability to set a max voicemail length in client preferences
  • Make timezone settable per Time Condition
  • Restricted and unified the logo size used in emails
  • Added additional fields to user import/export CSV
  • Added the ability to duplicate a Digital Receptionist (IVR)
  • Various voicemail transcription and translation improvements
  • Added Clearly Anywhere downloads links in the user information email that gets sent if the user has access to Clearly Anywhere
  • Added a new API to allow you to pause/unpause an agent in a queue
  • Require a password when changing OTP settings
  • Allow search company name when searching clients or resellers
  • Adds None as a ringtone option
  • Adds server-side sort and pagination to chat for Call Panel
  • Improved the Clearly Anywhere Contacts API
  • Show callback profile name in Emergency Caller ID Settings
  • Enhanced call forwarding and follow-me number validation
  • Make Voicemail Transcription Dialog in Call Panel work better with longer translations
  • Improvement button placement for the read voicemail transcriptions button
  • Hide chat direct message context menu if the chat is closed
  • Transcription now uses the transcription language and not the user language for translation


Clearly Cloud Private Cloud OEM Features and Fixes

Private Cloud OEM Features and Fixes

  • Disable the ability to get OTP codes via SMS when no SMS DID is defined
  • Adds new Callback Number field to the Emergency Callback Profile API
  • Adds the ability to list the Callback Number of an Emergency Callback Profile in Call Panel when provided via the API
  • Disabled sort on non-sortable Load Balancer columns


Backend Changes for Upcoming Features and Improvements

Backend Changes for Upcoming Features and Improvements

  • Updated SIP Proxy library used by various components/li>
  • Integrated a new standalone SIP Proxy library used by various components/li>
  • Refactored notifier to fix global variables/li>
  • Added ability for notifier to log SIP registrations to the database/li>
  • Lays the groundwork to allow users to see Users (Quick Dials) in Clearly Anywhere using your User settings from Call Panel/li>
  • Updated the max length of the Caller ID Number for Emergency Callback Profiles/li>
  • Added the ability in the Company Directory API to filter by tag