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TekSecute Partner Spotlight

Revolutionizing Hospitality Communication: Teksecute Utilizes ClearlyIP’s ComXchange Hospitality Communication Platform for Hundreds of Hotel Properties

TekSecute Partner Spotlight

TekSecute Technology Group


For over 25 years, TekSecute has been the go-to source for technology infrastructure, carrier solutions, phone systems, video solutions, and customer service. Their extensive client base relies on their trusted expertise and proven processes.

With a focus on serving the Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling, and Senior-Living sectors, TekSecute has earned a reputation for excellence. They have supported thousands of openings, upgrades, and renovations and are well-versed in exceeding industry standards. Whether a business has a single hotel property or hundreds in a portfolio, TekSecute delivers customized solutions tailored to unique needs. Their successes are tied directly to the success of their customers – that’s their simple but effective philosophy. This use case outlines the compelling reasons behind Teksecute’s selection of the ClearlyIP ComXchange platform and how it addresses the unique challenges hotels and lodging establishments face, ultimately leading to improved guest experiences and operational efficiency.


TekSecute must deal with multiple challenges in managing guest communication across various hotel properties. Let’s examine a few of these in detail.

Scale and Complexity
Some of the challenges include the scale and complexity of a property. Some properties may only cater to 10-15 rooms, while others have hundreds of rooms and specialized venues. Some hotel organizations may be managed under a single brand, others double or triple- brands for a single property. A one-size-fits-all approach is all but useless in these situations. Organizations need to be able to scale the solution for their needs, ensuring that each property has the architecture in place to support their current and future requirements and multi-brand support.

Features and Maintenance
The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving, with its core mission to provide guests with a safe and comfortable place to rest. Guest comfort includes communicating with the front desk or housekeeping and, in many cases, setting up a wake-up call. Some services have become automated, but regular tests are necessary to ensure guests receive the expected service.

Mobile Solutions
As properties become larger, employees often need to travel away from their desks to fulfill guest needs and general day-to-day work. Having a wireless connection can be essential for anyone from housekeeping to security. Ensuring that your telecom solution has a mobile option so personnel can stay connected and collaborate with the team while on the move is something that TekSecute excels at, which means that it is one less thing for a client to worry about.

Onsite or Hosted Platform Options
Offering an option for a client’s telecom solution to be hosted off-site or held on location is essential to clients. Some wish to have more direct control over their system and can ensure they have staff on hand to deal with anything that may arise. Other clients prefer to have their system hosted and place day-to-day operations in the hands of an aligned provider. TekSecute offers both solutions and will consult with a client, finding out their specific needs before offering a solution based on those particular needs.

PMS integration
PMS or Property Management Systems are often the core of a hospitality business. A PMS allows access to vital guest information and room bookings, tells the clerk if the room is available, or tells housekeeping when a room needs cleaning. The phone systems best suited to hospitality clients are those that can interface with the PMS system in use. This ensures the highest functionality and dependability for both the Client and their guests. TekSecute has the expertise to provide its clients get what they need and more.

Existing End Point Compatability
Organizations can allow the new system to connect with existing analog or IP-based phones to facilitate a gradual migration to a new system deployment. This enables specific departments or locations to transition first while others remain on the existing system until the time is right for a complete switch. It includes strategies for various hotel phone locations such as the front desk, back office, guest rooms, and conference rooms.

Safety and Telecom Laws Compliance
A hospitality communication platform can enhance guest safety and satisfaction by providing features such as intelligent call routing, enhanced 911 settings, compliance with Kari’s Law, customized announcements, and guest-specific services. Seamless communication and responsiveness can lead to positive reviews and increased guest safety.


Having encountered the aforementioned challenges, TekSecute has honed its expertise for the hospitality industry and beyond, opting for the ComXchange platform due to its all-encompassing features and pioneering capabilities that cater to the needs of any hospitality organization. The following skills and combined innovation exemplify the company’s specialties and ComXchange platform features.

Addressing Industry-Specific Needs

With the hospitality industry having unique communication requirements driven towards delivering exceptional guest experiences, all while ensuring turnkey operations, the ComXchange platform is purpose-built to cater to these specialized needs. It combines advanced features such as analog and IP phone compatibility, property management system (PMS) integration, extensive call accounting, call center management, guest management phone apps, an integrated voicemail platform, and triple-brand support, allowing hotels to tailor services to meet guests’ specific preferences.

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure
Teksecute’s use of the ComXchange platform allows seamless integration with any existing communication infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption during implementation for its hotel clients. Its compatibility with various PMS systems enables hotels to leverage their current software investments, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Additionally, the platform supports most major brands of analog and digital devices, allowing for implementing a new platform without requiring a significant capital investment to replace all property phone endpoints. This offers cost-effectiveness for businesses that may have already invested significantly in analog phones and associated hardware.

Scalability and Future-Readiness
Teksecute prioritizes long-term solutions that align with its customers’ growth plans. ComXchange offers robust scalability and flexibility, with a choice of deployment type; on-premise or hosted. This will empower hotels and lodging establishments to easily accommodate expansions and adapt to changing business needs. As the hospitality industry evolves, this future-ready platform ensures that Teksecute’s customers stay ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Guest Experience and Safety
Teksecute’s ComXchange platform enhances guest satisfaction and safety in the hospitality industry through features like intelligent call routing, enhanced 911 settings, personalized greetings, and guest-specific services. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that contributes to positive reviews and increased guest loyalty. The platform also complies with all telecom laws, including Kari’s Law and the RAY BAUM Act, providing peace of mind for hotels.

Streamlined Operations and Mobile Staff Efficiency
Teksecute understands that efficient operations are essential to hotel success. The ClearlyIP ComXchange platform empowers internal communication, enabling staff members to collaborate seamlessly across various departments with several tools, including a mobile softphone solution, ‘Clearly Anywhere’ for staff on the move. Integration with mobile devices (Android and iOS) further enhances staff mobility and responsiveness, optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Customer Support and Training
Teksecute takes pride in providing exceptional customer support and service to its clients. The ComXchange platform offers comprehensive training resources, including a dedicated team of experts ensuring smooth onboarding, deployment, and education for hotel staff. With accessible technical support and continuous updates, Teksecute guarantees its customers can maximize the platform’s capabilities.

Competitive Advantage
Teksecute gains a competitive advantage in the hotel and lodging market by offering the ClearlyIP ComXchange platform to its customers. By providing industry-tailored solutions, Teksecute positions itself as a trusted technology partner for hotels seeking to improve guest experiences, optimize operations, and stay ahead of competitors.


Teksecute’s decision to sell the ClearlyIP ComXchange hospitality platform to its hotel and lodging customers is a strategic move aimed at delivering exceptional value and tailored solutions. By addressing the industry’s unique needs, providing seamless integration and scalability, enhancing guest experiences, streamlining operations, and improving safety measures, the ClearlyIP ComXchange platform aligns perfectly with Teksecute’s commitment to empowering its customers for success in the dynamic hospitality landscape.


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