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Embrace the Sumer to adopt a new UC Phone System

Embrace the Summer, the Perfect Time for Businesses to Adopt a New Unified Communication Phone System

Breanna Fernie

Embrace the Summer

As the summer sun shines, business owners and decision-makers have a unique opportunity to propel their organizations forward by investing in a new communication platform during the quiet summer months. With employees often more relaxed and the pace slightly slower during this season, summer presents an ideal environment for businesses to purchase and implement a new unified communication platform before the start of school and business travel in late summer and fall.

When I owned my telecom business, our busiest months for installations and upgrades were summer. Many of our systems sold in Spring were installed in the slow time of Summer break, ensuring ample time for training and familiarity before things got busy. Since this is not the case for everyone, a blog would be the best way to get this information out there. In this blog, we’ll explore why summer is the best time for businesses to embrace this transformative technology.

Increased Productivity

Summer often brings a lull in business activities as employees take vacations or enjoy flexible schedules. This temporary slowdown in call traffic can be utilized effectively to introduce a new telecommunication system and is an optimal time for staff training as employees have greater availability and flexibility to participate in training sessions due to reduced workloads and vacation schedules. With fewer distractions, employees can dedicate more time and attention to learning and familiarizing themselves with the new system and collaboration tools. By the time business picks up in September, teams will be well-versed in utilizing the system’s capabilities, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined communication processes.

Seamless Transition

Implementing a new phone system platform requires time and effort, which can be disruptive if executed during busier periods. Businesses can minimize the impact on day-to-day operations by choosing summer for the implementation. With fewer external pressures, IT teams can focus on the transition without compromising essential tasks. The downtime during summer months allows for thorough testing, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for the entire organization.

Collaboration and Remote Work Flexibility

Summer is a popular season for employees to enjoy time off or work from vacation locations, which often coincides with increased remote work arrangements. The features often included with a unified communication system equip businesses with the tools necessary to effectively facilitate collaboration and remote work. Features such as video conferencing, chat, and mobile/desktop softphones enable seamless communication regardless of physical location. By implementing these solutions during the summer, businesses can refine their remote work strategies and create a cohesive communication framework before the busier seasons resume.

Cost Savings

Summertime can be advantageous for businesses looking to implement a new unified communication system from a financial perspective. Many solution providers offer promotional discounts and incentives during this season, making it an opportune time to secure the technology at a more affordable price. Additionally, the slower business period allows organizations to evaluate their current communication expenses and explore how a unified communication system can reduce costs in the long run. The potential savings in travel expenses, hardware investments, and maintenance can make summer an ideal time to adopt new technology.

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Competitive Edge

By investing in a unified communication system during the summer, businesses gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts, who may postpone such decisions until later in the year, likely waiting until the end of the fiscal year. Implementing this technology early enables organizations to fine-tune their communication processes, resolve any teething issues, and stay ahead of the curve. Plus, the opportunity to reduce costs, improve redundancy and security measures. As the economy picks up after summer, businesses will have already optimized their internal communication systems, allowing them to focus on growth and client engagement without interruptions.


Summer presents the ideal environment for businesses to purchase and implement a new unified communication system. Companies can transition seamlessly into unified communication with reduced workloads, increased employee availability, and the opportunity to refine remote work strategies. By leveraging the advantages of the summer season, organizations can boost productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

So, embrace the summer and empower your business with a unified communication system to revolutionize your communication channels. September marks a significant surge in business activity as employees return rejuvenated from their vacations, so having a new uc solution in place to empower team collaboration will streamline operations and provide more efficiencies during the busy fall and winter seasons.

If your business is considering implementing a new communication platform during the summer, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for assistance, we would love to work with you!

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