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Clearly Cloud Latest Updates

Clearly Cloud: Latest Updates Series December 2022 Features

Bryan Walters

Clearly Cloud Updates

New Features and Improvements released in December 2022 for Clearly Cloud Customers.

You can always review our full Release Notes here.

For those unfamiliar with Clearly Cloud, this is our fully managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform that combines voice, video, and messaging into one platform.

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Ability to Send Welcome Email in Bulk to new Users

This feature allows you to bulk send the welcome email to users of Clearly Cloud on how they can log in to the Call Panel instead of having to edit 1 user at a time to send the Welcome Email.

Ability to Send Welcome Email in Bulk to new Users


Add an Email field to Contacts

When creating or editing contacts in Clearly Cloud, you can now save one or more emails for each contact.

Add an Email field to Contacts


Beta Support for Click to Call from Web Browser

You can now allow Call Panel to support Click to Call when viewing numbers in a Browser. Call Panel will prompt you the first time you go to use the SoftPhone if you want to register Call Panel as a TEL handler. The TEL handler in your browser, once registered, will take any number on a web page that is tagged as a Phone Number and allow you to click on the number which will open Call Panel and call the Number.

You can set how you want the number to be called from within the Settings of the Call Panel. Your three options to pick from are:

  • Show Softphone – When you click on a number it will open the softphone in call panel and pre-fill in the number but not call the number. You will have to press the dial button.
  • Dial Number via Call Panel – Same as Show Softphone, except it, will auto-call the number for you.
  • Call my devices and dial after answer – Instead of the call being sent to the Call Panel softphone, the call will be sent into the Clearly Cloud system, which will call your extension, and on answering your extension we will auto-call the number for you.

Click to Dial