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ClearlyIP Welcomes Ring Authority Telecom Customers to the Hall of Superheros!

Breanna Fernie

Welcome Ring Authority Telecom Customers

The thunder boomed as Tony “Stark” Lewis, CEO of ClearlyIP, announced that the Legion of CIP ranks was growing. Tony is always looking for opportunities to improve the world of telecom and welcomes new and inspiring heroes to join the ClearlyIP Legion. Just like any superhero group, from the Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy, CIP’s ranks swell with new heroes, hoping to make a difference. Tony is always looking to harness technology, push capabilities, and exceed expectations in the telecom world by improving collaboration and forming powerful new Partnerships.

The acquisition was formally announced on December 30, 2022, consisting of the business telecommunication customer division of Ring Authority.

The customer base acquisition came from the ever-increasing logistical challenges and complexities of compliance with telecom rules and regulations and the general bureaucracy of being a telecommunications provider in the United States. Ring Authority made the decision to transfer this part of their services to ClearlyIP so they could enjoy selling and recommending services but not have to handle direct customer billing. Nothing changes to customers’ current services or how they use their business phone systems.

Just like how Robin supports Batman, Ring Authority will continue collaborating with ClearlyIP by maintaining a relationship in a Master Agent form for client telecom needs. They will continue to offer the complete ClearlyIP portfolio of products to their customers under an Agent arrangement allowing them to work with ClearlyIP, and to continue to fight for great telecom.

In addition, we are excited to announce that some of the support personnel from the Ring Authority support team has joined the merry band of ClearlyIP heroes. So they are here to continue supporting our new Ring Authority customers with existing knowledge and expertise of your business.

With some help from me, Bre “Pepper” Fernie, the transition of the clients is planned to be a smooth and personalized approach. I will be directly connecting with all the customers to explain the process, oversee the transition, and discuss any existing or future needs. Tony and I will also hold webinar events to welcome the Ring Authority customers in the upcoming weeks. We will be sharing some exciting new systems and features that Ring Authority customers will now have access to, to significantly enhance service offerings.

Other heroes like Porting Queen and CIPeye will handle things behind the scenes, ensuring that all is quiet in telecom land… well, at least until the next FCC obstacle arises. But never fear; our team stands ready to ensure that their calls will go through. And if your business is dealing with the same telecom headaches, reach out to Captain Telecom, as he can cut through red tape to help small and large telecom businesses battle the FCC regulations!

We welcome our new customers!

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