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Gratefulness is the Reason for the Season

Breanna Fernie


We all have personal things we’re grateful for—shelter, food, health, family, and friends. I’m not only thankful for my job, as it provides me with many of the things I listed by way of a paycheck. But I’m also thankful for all the people I work with.

Our ClearlyIP Engineers

These are a group of people that work tirelessly to ensure that ClearlyIP offers the best solution possible. They often put in long hours to ensure that everything works as it should, and often better than expected.

During a recent Training for FreePBX® Class, a student asked if there was a way to check the attestation rating for their own numbers. Before the training was finished, ClearlyIP engineers had come up with a solution! They created a number (920-666-1392) that could be called, and it would give the attestation rating for the number it was called from. Now, businesses could simply call this free service and check the outbound business phone number- it is read back to you; you are then told the service provider, the Attestation rating for the number, and the Service Provider Code. Cool!

I was utterly blown away by our team’s performance. Then it led to further exploration of what else we could do. Eventually, our engineers were able to sign the calls of partners who had attained their certificates for STIR/SHAKEN compliancy. We now offer that as a service.

Our Sales Staff

ClearlyIP prides itself on not just taking orders. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that clients get what they need, not just what they are asking for.

We have had clients call to place an order for more than they needed. Rather than just take that order, our sales team takes the time to discuss the client’s needs and determine the best solution. This often results in a less expensive but more effective solution.

Our Fulfillment, Support, and Porting Group

They make sure that orders ship out correctly and on time. They support clients that are having issues or are confused or frustrated. They ensure that a client’s number or numbers can follow them, or if that’s not the case, ensure that the new numbers fit the client’s needs. Our service and support technicians are knowledgeable and conscientious about going the extra mile.

Our Marketing Team

Arguably the backbone of ClearlyIP… 😉 Seriously though, for a small company, we are lucky to have a team that works well together and excels in their specialties. We have a website that I’m very proud of, regular events, and it just keeps getting better!

Our Owners

Having owners that care is essential, but having owners involved with the everyday work is even better…

Our Clients and Partners

And, of course, our clients and partners. People that have placed their trust and livelihood in ClearlyIP. These are the people that we work to constantly improve for. Without them, we could not exist, but with them, we flourish.
ClearlyIP wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and we hope all our employees, partners, and clients experience the joy we feel today.