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Who is Cippy Art Board

Who is Cippy?

Breanna Fernie

Who is Cippy?

We get asked a lot about our mascot Cippy. For those of you curious, Cippy is a ghost, and he was born three years ago at the time of start-up, and I’d love to share the importance of Cippy to our brand.

“Mascotte” means lucky charm in French, which explains the importance given to a mascot, especially for business. Using a mascot in brand marketing is not a new concept. The Michelin Man is nearly 125 years old! So, suppose you are planning to use a mascot for your brand. In that case, there are many places to look for inspiration or even to analyze the impact of mascots to understand whether you need one.

When you google the importance of a business mascot, this is what you get:
A brand mascot, which can be an object, a person, an animal, or something completely invented, is a character that strengthens and “humanizes” the brand itself. It can amplify your reach and is considered a smart and funny way to make your brand personality and, consequently, your marketing special and unique.

Cippy on the Lookout
I read online that if you think of the faces of Colonel Sanders from KFC or even Ronald McDonald, the clown from McDonald’s, they are all as unforgettable as the brands themselves. That is the impact a well-designed mascot has on a brand. If designed right, a mascot can help your business reach new heights. It also makes your brand instantly recognizable. And we want our brand recognition to be as a company that works hard at transparent relationships and products with reliability that everyone can trust.

The starting point of developing a brand for our founders was that they wanted to create a business in telecom with the primary benefit of transparency. Transparency in business has many benefits; it provides trust and goodwill while safeguarding customers’ best interests and increasing internal employee morale. Historically, large telecom carriers have not held a great reputation in the business telecom market. Vendors have been accused of price gouging and holding customers in unfair, expensive contracts even when not able to offer stable or secure solutions. Being clear and concise is key to a long-term relationship, as transparency fosters customer retention by offering satisfaction and trust through openness and involvement in all onboarding and ongoing processes. When all customers have access to limitless information on all they seek from a telecommunications partner, it becomes easy for them to trust in the people, security, and infrastructure their organizations rely on for vital communications.

ClearlyIP has 5 Key Strategies to Maintain Transparency

  • Build trust in-house. The first step to pursuing transparency with the customer is to achieve it within the business itself.
  • Don’t play games with pricing. Keep it simple, fair and, competitive, easy to understand with customer loyalty incentives.
  • Be honest and clear about technology infrastructure, redundancy, and security.
  • Publish company values, including mission, vision, and values.
  • Never stop communicating with the customer.

The name ‘Clearly’ is simply understood to define transparency. Attach ‘IP’ to that, and voila- you have ‘ClearlyIP,’ which can be interpreted in several ways…

  • VoIP Is All We Do
  • Clear VoIP Connections
  • VoIP is King

So what is clear and transparent? A crystal clear ocean in the Caribbean? A clean glass of drinking water. A contact lens or pair of reading glasses. A ghost hovering over you as thin as air! YES! Now we were on to something. Clear + Ghost

Our in-house graphic designer genius got to work! Shaun played with fonts for the company logo ‘ClearlyIP.’ He noticed that the font for the ‘a’ looked like a circle, but the bottom right corner was square, so it gave a shape of a ghost-like character. After playing around with different fonts, shapes, and designs, Cippy the ClearlyIP Ghost was created. With so many fun options to have Cippy partake in to demonstrate how our technology is so clearly the right choice for businesses.

Everything communicates when you think about it. Everything from what you say and don’t say. What you do and don’t do. If you can’t follow through on your words with actions, not just say them. Nothing kills credibility faster than not practicing what you preach. Transparency equals trust, and trust equals customers that come onboard and are retained. And who didn’t love Casper the Ghost as a kid? A long-time childhood-friendly ghost that took you on silly adventures. Our Cippy offers credibility in a playful way that has made our ClearlyIP brand recognizable and fun, even in one of the most technical industries. Our CFO and Founder, Luke, came up with the name Cippy from tying him to SIP, Sip Trunks, ‘Sippy’ merged with ClearlyIP, and evolved to Cippy.

Cippy Party Hat

We hope you enjoy him as much as we do! We launched our new website homepage on August 31, 2022, and Cippy is in top form to greet you with the promise of a genuine and long-term relationship with a company that proudly offers higher ethical standards. Check it out!

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