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Feature Requests

What Do You Want, and When Do You Want it?

Breanna Fernie

Feature Request Platform

ClearlyIP’s New Feature Request Platform Invites User Input & Elevates Collaboration

As customers and users, we want our voices to be heard! As a manufacturer and telecom provider, we want to hear what’s important to our customers. In the past, customers would open feature requests as support tickets, which would take away the support staff from helping customers on important support related matters. Instead, they were caught in the middle of relaying feature request information into product management and engineering.

But NO MORE! ClearlyIP has created a Feature Request System for our clients and partners. It’s easy to request a feature and vote on others. Sometimes you don’t realize you need it until you see it and vote for it. Requests let our engineers know what should be considered for updates and new innovations of features and functionality.

Our new system is in place immediately and is easy to use and get started. Just direct your browser to: You’ll be asked to log in with your ClearlyIP Customer Username and Password.

From there, just click on the FEATURE TRACKER tab. You’ll see a list of current requests, along with their statuses, “Likes” and replies. To add a request of your own, just click the “+” button at the top of the section. You can add a feature request by product, including for the following ClearlyIP platforms:

  • IP Desk Phones
  • Clearly Cloud
  • SIP Trunking
  • Cloud Device Manager
  • Redirect Server

Users can join our community and follow feature requests so that you are automatically updated when any new comments are posted or when a status has changed. We offer several options once logged in, including:

  • Create a Feature Request
  • Follow an Existing Feature Request
  • Monitor Status of Requests
  • Vote and Comment on Feature Requests
  • Follow a Request to Receive Updates

For more information and the latest updates, head over to our WIKI at:

We want to hear from you! So let’s get your requests started!