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If We Build It, They Will Come

If We Build It, They Will Come.

Breanna Fernie

Clearly Cloud Contact

New Clearly Cloud Contact Management Platform Securely Stores All of your Company and Personal Contacts.

The ClearlyIP Engineering Team had a dream. They introduced the newest feature to the Clearly Cloud Platform with a newly revamped Contact Management System. And it doesn’t take ghosts coming out of a corn field to make this one real. This new feature build will also not bring a lineup of cars to your backyard baseball field. But it will improve your user experience by having access to the company and users’ contacts directly in the Call Panel of Clearly Cloud.

ClearlyIP is continually working on updating, expanding, and improving our user experience with the Clearly Cloud Platform. This new feature will offer Clearly Cloud customers a more convenient and productive experience for finding and dialing out to contacts.

This enhancement includes the ability for users to have Global Shared Contacts. With this, the System Administrator can import or input all pertinent information and assign the contact to various tags. These tags can then be shared with end-users using Clearly Clouds’ flexible permission system. In addition to being able to share global contacts, each individual user can also have the ability to upload or input their own personal contacts, making it easier to communicate with the people they need when needed.

Previously Clearly Cloud had minimal contact support; however, this update expands on what you already had access to and offers the ability to centralize everything. Your SMS messages will now integrate with the contacts and display the proper name.  Another new option allows the capability of overriding Caller ID Name for inbound caller id. 

In addition to the update to the Contact Management system, we also updated the menu a little. As part of this update, we moved the call details, settings, and contacts tab into the new User Profile Information menu. To get there, click on your avatar in the top right-hand part of the screen.


We are working toward pushing out the directory to the phones as the next step.  Future capabilities will involve accessing both system and personal contacts directly through the desk phone interface.


Manage Global and
Shared Contacts

Clearly Cloud system administrators now have the ability to manage the contacts in the Contact Management System and assign contact groups and tags to various contacts.

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Access to System Contacts
& Personal Contacts

Users can now access the system contacts the administrator has added to the system, along with management of their own personal contacts and other supporting contact information, including tags, photos, etc.

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Caller ID Override

Control Caller ID
Contact Name

Users can now change a contact name assigned to the inbound caller ID. This will Ignore the CNAM and replace it with assigned contact name details.

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  1. Affordable and Flexible – Competitive rates with flexible terms.
  2. Business Continuity – Ensures that you can stay connected even in a disaster.
  3. Encrypted, Tested, Secure – Reliable infrastructure & encrypted conversations.
  4. Professional Service – Unlimited access to industry experts to support you.
  5. Scalability – Subscription is flexible to grow from 1 to 10,000 seats.
  6. Feature Packed- Includes hundreds of features and robust options as an all-inclusive package.
  7. Application Integration – integrates with some unique applications. Including multi-zone paging, emergency announcement platform, and door control systems.
  8. Highly Responsive Call Panel- A user intuitive desktop call panel.
  9. Clearly Anywhere- Mobile and tablet softphone optimized for work from home personnel and road warriors.
  10. Simple Set-Up & Easy to Use- Fast and easy to install for a quick and painless deployment.