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Don’t Sass the DaaS!

Breanna Fernie

The Importance of Phone Device Rentals for Business

While selling business phone systems for twenty years, my daily conversations with customers centered around whether they should lease or purchase their business phones. Leasing had its obvious benefits of stretching out the purchase over a certain period to help businesses if they didn’t have the cash to outlay on capital expenditure. In contrast, purchasing the phones outright meant that they didn’t have to pay interest or any other fees associated with leasing and had no payout to worry about at the end of the lease.

How times have changed; now, my daily conversations are around device rentals, referred to as “Device as a Service”, and the benefits of accessing new technology as a service versus capital expenditure. There is minimal talk these days about leasing; once businesses learn about device rentals as a service, they clearly understand the benefits.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is an emerging supply chain model that gives our customers more flexibility and helps our organization unlock new service offerings for the clients’ best interests. Unlike a typical leasing model, DaaS is an alteration of typical supply chain management, offering benefits that leasing cannot. The scalability of DaaS offerings is attractive to both the provider and the consumer.

DaaS Explained

Device-as-a-Service is a platform for Service-Based models, one that can more effectively manage the hardware device lifecycle for the customer.

DaaS is emerging as a highly desirable option for both customers and providers on endpoint hardware like IP Desk Phones in the telecommunications field. Many businesses don’t have the budget for outright purchase, which can equate to a significant investment. Typically thousands of dollars depending on the size of the organization. Customers gain flexibility, lower costs and freedom from device management responsibilities with device rentals. The benefits for ClearlyIP include a new service offering, a more predictable revenue stream, lower warranty costs, and substantially reduced sourcing costs through device re-deployment.

ClearlyIP Has Built a Fully Evolved DaaS Offering Embracing the Need to Serve Our Customers

ClearlyIP has built a fully evolved DaaS offering embracing the need to serve our customers. DaaS required adjustment from our current view, offering a new supply chain model that combines device fulfillment, device services, and device recovery into a continuous flow that provides a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Our device-as-a-service or device rental program refers to our managed services or rentals, where hardware is leased from us as the central provider. In each case, the model is similar to other service-based models, where users rent, rather than purchase, ClearlyIP telecom hardware assets, in our case, IP Desk Phones.

The telecom device-as-a-service (DaaS) model offers monthly desktop phone devices as a paid service. DaaS eases the telecom needs of a company by outsourcing the hardware, software, and device management to us as the external provider. By subscribing to ClearlyIP as the provider, it will allow an organization to update its equipment at the end of the rental period without incurring the costs that would typically be associated with a device refresh.

ClearlyIP’s All-Inclusive Solution with Countless Benefits

Our Partner Channel offers the ClearlyIP device rental solution with software and hardware management services. Including device backups, asset tracking, security, and end-of-life disposal. Devices offered as a service feature our CIP Series of IP Desk Phones (CIP230v2, CIP250v2, and CIP270v2).

ClearlyIP will provide a contract stating the hardware, software, services, amounts, and lengths of time required for DaaS. Payment is generally on a per-device basis, billed monthly. The ClearlyIP contract will state the term, typically two, three, or five-year timelines for device rental. ClearlyIP devices can come with the software the organization needs already installed or simply boxed for deployment on a customer’s preferred platform. ClearlyIP can also include a visible future upgrade path for patches and updates if desired. This will provide an organization with peace of mind for immediate needs and future planning.

So at the end of reading this, if you don’t see the benefits or are still not clear on how it works but still have the inkling to explore DaaS for your organization- give us a call. We can help explain it to you with a customized overview of the financial return on investment specific to your organization with a compelling improved budgeting case. Bottom line, we can illustrate how it will help any organization grow and be forward-thinking.
Discover All the Benefits of Using the ClearlyIP DaaS Program

We will be holding an Overview Webinar on June 2, 2022, for the Partner Channel Explaining our Device Rental/DaaS program. If you are an existing Partner or are considering becoming an Authorized Partner, join us to learn about the program and our white label phone options. We welcome all Telecom Resellers and Administrators. Our CIP IP desk phones work with all ClearlyIP Platforms, are optimized for FreePBX®, and are certified with NetSapiens along with several other IP-based Platforms.


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