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Latest Clearly Anywhere Module Supports Contacts Import for FreePBX Users & New Park Feature

Breanna Fernie

Effectively keep in touch with your contacts, build relationships and win more business.

There is nothing more maddening than having to pick up my iPhone to look up a contact when dialing from my desktop business phone. Call me lazy if you want, but I keep all my business and personal contacts organized in my iPhone more than I do in our business phone system directory. Which doesn’t make any sense, as I am just making my life more difficult.

Everyone wants or should have a library of his/her contacts across all devices. As always, Engineering is one step ahead of me. They just announced our latest Clearly Anywhere (CA) module for FreePBX version, which now supports two new features for CA Mobile and Desktop, including importable contacts. Hooray!

FreePBX Contacts

The newest module release includes support to pull in all FreePBX contacts, per user, into the contact directory of Clearly Anywhere Desktop and Mobile. This should streamline a FreePBX user’s experience when using the Clearly Anywhere softphone regardless of desktop or mobile device. It is consistent across all devices now for FreePBX power users…desktop IP phone, Clearly Anywhere desktop softphone, Clearly Anywhere mobile or table.

No more singular place to access contacts. It is accessible everywhere! And this is an era where convenience and fast connections matter!

See documentation for this feature.

Enable Park Button

While a physical or programmable button for the Parking function has always been built into our desk phones, with Version or higher of the Clearly Anywhere module for your PBX, we now support showing a Park button while on an active call. Adding a park button to our CA Desktop and CA Softphones should make it even easier to conduct business, regardless of where you need to be.

By default, the park button is not enabled, so you will need to Enable the Park Button and set which Parking Lot the calls will be parked to. You may choose this option at a Group, or User level in User Management. Park Button Enhancement

See documentation for this feature.

At ClearlyIP, we are constantly looking to improve or innovate new and existing products. The features above were added based on user feedback. We listen to our customers and Partners, and we are happy to support them.