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ClearlyIP Phones Certified for NetSapiens

Breanna Fernie

You Know, Some Things Just Go Together

ClearlyIP and FreePBX, peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn… and now, ClearlyIP phones and NetSapiens! That’s right, ClearlyIP’s line of phones are now certified for use with NetSapiens.

Headquartered in San Diego, NetSapiens has been in business for 19 years and has over 2 million application seats in use. An innovative company from the start, NetSapiens quickly grew into a well-known and trusted name in the telecom industry.

NetSapiens vision is to “have an industry where competitive service providers of all sizes can come together as a collective force, driving positive change for their individual organizations and their end-users.” Their mission is “to empower these service providers with our advanced communication technologies and our expert knowledge in order to create positive change in the industry as a whole.”

So how does that align with ClearlyIP’s vision and mission? It turns out, it matches really well!

ClearlyIP was launched with the goal of becoming an industry-leading company in telecommunications software, infrastructure, services, and cloud. Our solutions were built on the premise of delivering telecom solutions to our customers in several critical areas:

  • Modern architecture and infrastructure stability
  • Secure connectivity while protecting enterprise voice traffic
  • Enabling productivity and empowering a collaborative-driven organization.

With decades of leadership in communications and our own intellectual property, the team at ClearlyIP provides world-class telecommunications services, applications, and customer premise hardware to businesses, ITSP’s, OEM’s and other communications providers across the globe.

We designed our ClearlyIP phones to look great and offer robust features while still retaining ease of use that appeals to business owners. ClearlyIP phones are sleek and elegant, offering true “plug and play” functionality. Users can connect our phones to any internet connection to instantly make and receive calls.

Currently, ClearlyIP offers three different phones, all certified to work with NetSapiens.

Certified for NetSapiens

The CIP230 is an entry-level phone perfect for areas where space is a premium. Our CIP250 is our most popular general office phone. And our CIP270 is our most powerful phone, perfect for power users, executives, and receptionists; with the optional CIP200 expansion module (you can have up to 4!), a user can have up to 160 programmable keys.

Innovative, dependable, and constantly evolving, ClearlyIP phones and NetSapiens complement each other in a way that the industry needs.

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