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CDM, the Wizard of Telecom

Breanna Fernie

As a kid, I was mesmerized by The Wizard of Oz. I’d daydream about one day going on a road trip with my best friends. A trip on the yellow brick road that ended with a rainbow, and a fabulous wizard that could make all our dreams come true.

FUN FACT: It must be karma that led me to ClearlyIP. Our US Headquarters are located in Neenah, WI. That’s just 85 miles North of Oconomowoc, WI. The Turner Classic Movie’s website credits the world premiere of the Wizard of OZ to Oconomowoc, on Aug. 12, 1939, followed by showings in Hollywood on Aug. 15 and New York on Aug. 17!

Now, imagine you’re working in the VoIP field, and there was a magical path to a wizard that made all your phone provisioning dreams come true! I’m excited to share that unlike the man behind the curtain, this wizard DOES exist!

The Cloud Device Manager (CDM) by ClearlyIP is a utility wizard that allows you to provision all your different makes and manufacturer of phones in one place. This wizard grants:



With security at the core of its development, CDM gives you the reassurance you need when provisioning your systems.


Gives you the ability to provision systems with your specs.



CDM works with over 150 devices from top manufacturers!



CDM Wizard
Cloud Device Manager allows Telecom Administrators to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on devices such as desk phones, ATAs, and many other devices connected to an organization’s network all over the world, and all from a single interface. It is secure, platform-agnostic, fast, and customizable. All that, and the ability to handle multi-tenant deployments make it a clear choice for any reseller managing multiple systems with different devices. At this point, tell me it doesn’t sound magical!

CDM continues to grow and evolve adding more and more phones along its golden path. So at the end of the rainbow, engineering just recently added Cisco SPA models to its supported devices and are hard at work on finishing up the work to roll out SNOM devices. This ever-evolving platform initially offered over 150 supported devices but continues to expand with more and more makes and models of devices. Have a specific model wish? Just click your heels 3 times… ok, you only have to click the chat or email us once… and the button is blue, not red, but you get the idea. Just ask us, we are ready to make your provisioning dreams come true.