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Growing a Family – Growing through acquisition is like adding people to your family.

Breanna Fernie

Business lives between proverbs: “Look before you leap”, and “He who hesitates is lost.” Growing a company can be done slowly or by leaps, and ClearlyIP was started with the following Mission Statement:
ClearlyIP’s mission is to design and develop the world’s most respected VoIP brand by delivering a secure, robust, reliable communications platform based on modern architecture to help businesses reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance seamless collaboration.


ClearlyIP’s Value Statement reads as follows:
The heritage behind ClearlyIP’s leadership team provides immense cultural and communicative value throughout every level of the organization. Our team consists of telecom technology enthusiasts with 300+ years of combined experience building some of the largest telecom applications in the world. With that vast background and expertise, we apply it to everything we do as we continue to build new innovative solutions aspiring towards changing how businesses communicate.


Growing a company while staying true to both of those statements can be difficult. It requires open communication between the company and the people it employs, the company and its customers it serves, the company and the partners that support it, and the company and the general public.

ClearlyIP recently acquired the voice customers of Ebiz Systems, located in Ontario, Canada. The acquisition began with a phone call, and it was not the initial reason for the call. The conversation that took place between the owners of ClearlyIP and Ebizmedia was about support and how Ebiz could offer the best service to its growing voice customer base.

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. While simple to define, forcing a culture does not work. Business cultures grow, and are alive and thriving. Each addition to that culture is like adding a brother or sister-in-law to your family.

The company selling usually wants to ensure that what it has built will remain in some form, while the company buying often wonders how many round pegs and square holes they are getting. ClearlyIP looks carefully at who it brings into the family. We look for how those acquisitions will impact our company and our customers to take advantage of synergies.

The call turned up the fact that Ebiz was great at many things, but like all companies, not everything. Impressed by our knowledge, support, and dedication to voice services for our customers, Ebiz realized that a partnership would benefit both parties. Ebiz Systems could be freed up to do what they do best, focus on security and surveillance consulting while ensuring that the customers they had promised to support would receive the care and attention that were originally promised.

After reviewing their practices and realizing many shared values, ClearlyIP offered to purchase the voice customers of Ebiz Systems. Ebiz was also welcomed into ClearlyIP’s Agent program, ensuring that future Ebiz voice customers would always have the same excellent service and support.

We’re proud of the company we’ve built, and we look forward to the continued growth of both companies. In short, welcome to the ClearlyIP Family Ebizmedia; we think you’ll like it here.