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Service Recap in the SIP Store Displays Information About Your Monthly Costs

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Did you know you can use Service Recap in the SIP Store to display information about your monthly costs? Service Recap will display any fixed monthly costs associated with a selected location.

Any costs that are not fixed, ( calls) will not be listed, so your actual costs may be higher.

This is an option in the trunking store under products & services.


Service Recap
  • The Service Recap menu option will show you a list of all items on a per Trunking Location basis that you will be charged for on your next monthly renewal. This will only show items that have a monthly recurring cost to give you an idea on what your recurring charges will be on the next renewal.
  • Click on Products and Services > Service Recap
    service recap
  • At the top you can see what day of month your service will renewal and pick any Trunking Location to see a recap of all recurring services.
    service recap
  • From here you can now see all your Recurring charges on your location