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Kari's Law

What is Kari’s Law?

Named after Kari Hunt Dunn, whose 9-year-old daughter was unable to call 911 because she did not know a “9” was required to access an outside line from their motel room.

Kari’s Law is a U.S. federal law that mandates direct dialing for emergency services and requires multiline telephone systems (MLTS) to enable users to dial 911 without dialing an additional prefix or accessing an outside line. It was named after Kari Hunt Dunn, whose tragic death in 2013 prompted the need for this legislation.

Simply put, Kari’s Law ensures that anyone dialing 911 on a multiline phone system can reach emergency services directly without having to dial a prefix, such as “9,” to access an outside line. The law aims to eliminate the barriers that may delay emergency assistance during a crisis.

Kari’s Law also requires MLTS systems to provide on-site notification to a central location or security office when a 911 call is made. This helps ensure that appropriate personnel are promptly informed about emergency situations within a building or facility.

The law recognizes the critical importance of immediate access to emergency services and seeks to improve emergency response in situations where every second counts. By eliminating the need to dial an additional number to reach emergency services, Kari’s Law simplifies the process and enables quicker response times during emergencies.

It’s worth noting that Kari’s Law was signed into law in the United States in 2018, and its requirements may vary in different jurisdictions and regions.