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Dancing Pen Publications, LLC Chooses ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunking Platform for Improved Reliability, Flexibility and Immediate ROI

We are completely blown away by the endless benefits of SIP Trunking. ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunks supported our organization’s need for fast project growth across multiple geographic locations. There was a minimal upfront investment yet an immediate ROI with cost savings from the first monthly billing statement.

~ Victoria E.-S. Skye, Dancing Pen Publications



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Dancing Pen Publications, LLC based in Neenah, Wisconsin, is a boutique publishing house. The team consists of industry experts that manage manuscript editing, design, and the production process for a new publication. Editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and printers collaborate towards successful publication dates.

Victoria E.-S Skye founded the business, a serial entrepreneur passionate about sharing stories of authors and bringing them to life. With such passion, the need for technology and team collaboration was imminent, all while managing a budget.


The Dancing Pen Publications team is global, and they needed a solution to connect their people with a seamless solution. They wanted to reduce their monthly costs associated with their long-distance & international calls, tired of overwhelming unanticipated monthly statements. When new projects arose, call volume increased drastically.

They wanted the flexibility to make more calls without the added expense of adding more fixed hard lines or the upfront capital investment of more hardware. With their traditional phone services, the organization was subject to different, often confusing charges for their local, long-distance, and international call activity.

Reliability was vital as their calls could be lengthy in duration with global reach. In summary, they had a mandate for cost savings, improved reliability, and call volume flexibility.


Dancing Pen Publications chose ClearlyIP’s SIP trunking as part of a new VoIP solution. SIP was the right choice for its organization. They were ready to reap the benefits of Internet-based phones and were excited to establish a relationship with a hosted VoIP vendor like ClearlyIP to move their business communications to the Cloud. They knew this meant that their business would no longer struggle with confusing monthly phone bills, unreliable phone lines, high calling costs, balancing on-site phone lines with employees, and swiftly changing project requirements. The bottom line, they would benefit significantly from making the switch to SIP. SIP trunking would allow them instant access to simple, understandable pricing that could be billed on a per-user basis for improved project allocation accounting.

As in the case with Dancing Pen Publications, most businesses are still not super familiar with SIP Trunks. When ClearlyIP reviewed the call activity’s needs and demands, they quickly recommended upgrading to Sip Trunks for its business communications. When considering the switch to SIP trunks, Dancing Pen Publications promptly became familiar with all the other benefits and flexibility, not just the cost savings potential. Although the cost reductions on long-distance would result in a staggering amount per year was big-time motivation. While this attribute of SIP was desirable, the other benefits were far more than just financial.


ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunks supported Dancing Pen Publications’ need for fast project growth across multiple geographic locations with the scalability they needed. It allowed their company to scale with flexibility as new projects started or ended while also able to establish full-time remote workers quickly.

The Dancing Pen Publications team will never have to wait on hold to speak to a customer service representative again. ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunking Platform offers an easy-to-use administrative portal for customer self-management, including adjusting call routing, changing extensions, or adding phone lines fully on-demand, an essential requirement for Dancing Pen Publications quickly changing project scope.

SIP Trunking supported their group to connect employees’ mobile devices via flexible, user-friendly apps that were secure and user intuitive. This allowed their global mobile workers to remain connected to their communication system and be fully reachable at all times. The mobility attributes of Sip and VoIP enabled Dancing Pen Publications to manage their connections better but also reduce costs massively; it ultimately saved them significant costs but increased their reliability. With SIP, their organization can add lines by merely connecting more devices to their platform. For their individuals who work off-site, they can be integrated and reached by a dedicated internal phone number or extension.

ClearlyIP offers mobile-failover as a form of redundancy so that the mobile Clearly Anywhere softphones can be used for communications even in case of some failures allowing them to route calls to their other offices or employee mobile devices.

When selecting ClearlyIP as their SIP provider, it included a full portfolio of IP-based communications suite that provides for remote workability, improved mobility, instant messaging, collaboration apps, and other flexible, cloud-based tools for business productivity.


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Top 5 Features That Make ClearlyIP’s Update Control Management tool a Great Solution for FreePBX®


  1. Cost Savings & Immediate ROI
    Instant dramatic ROI on monthly statements with reduced line, long distance and other miscellaneous costs.
  2. Global Potential & Mobility
    Global voice connectivity for your VoIP infrastructure and access to international phone numbers. Remote workers are able to transform how they work with mobile solutions when on-the-go.
  3. Unified Communications
    Gain impressive functionality, streamline everything, and integrate your applications on a single platform for seamless unified communications.
  4. Reliability
    Superior optimal reliability by having performance redundancies that protect against downtime.
  5. Scalability
    If you are a growth-oriented organization, then the benefits of versatile scalability will help you scale up or down, with virtually unlimited capacity and flexibility.