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ClearlyIP Product Updates

Bryan Walters

Progress never rests right? Here at ClearlyIP we are constantly evaluating your input and industry needs, trying to improve the existing products and services you depend on while developing others you’ve told us you need. As a result of these conversations, we have a bunch of updates which we think you’ll enjoy.

First, let’s start off with a product many of you have been asking for, our mobile application that allows you to work from anywhere – Clearly Anywhere. Clearly Anywhere was released in September and it’s easily become one of our most popular products. However, just because a product is released, doesn’t mean we’re finished with it yet. So what have we been up to with Clearly Anywhere since launch? I’m glad you asked!



Administration of API URL
When we set out to build Clearly Anywhere we did so with your privacy in mind That’s why instead of having systems automatically setup SSL Certificates, or always being required to be connected to us, we wanted to give you a solution that put you in charge, by allowing you to tell us how to talk to your PBX. However, we also know that by giving you more control, we need to actually give you more control without needing to wait for our support team to assist you with simple changes. That’s why in the latest module, administrators can now update and change the API URL themselves. This is the URL that our cloud servers redirect to when a user interacts with the Clearly Anywhere application.

QuickDials & Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Management
With our very first release of Clearly Anywhere, we knew users wanted the ability to see and manage their most dialed contacts. Previously you were able to add these in Clearly Anywhere on your phone, but with the latest update, we’ve added a way to allow administrators to manage these server side. This means that the Administrator can set Quick Dials for individuals or entire groups which not only make it easy for you to dial your colleagues in one click, but you can also see their status as well. For information on how to get started with the management of QuickDials see our wiki.

Emergency Call Mapping
We also know that it may not always be ideal to have mobile users dialing emergency services through your PBX and that’s why we’ve added the ability to set Emergency Calling rules on the server. With this update, administrators can now control how the Mobile App behaves when dialing emergency services, such as 911 in the United States. For example, if a user calls 911 today on Clearly Anywhere, that call will be routed to your PBX and then it is up to your PBX to route the call to your proper Emergency Service number. However, this may not be ideal given you don’t have location information for that particular user as Clearly Anywhere allows to work anywhere. So now when your administrator can set the app to use your cellular service for 911 calls, ensuring the proper authorities get more accurate location data than what might have been provided before.

Clearly Anywhere isn’t the only thing our team has been focusing on improving. In fact, did you know our team has been continuing to build out our SIP Trunking Platform as well? Let’s take a look at what we’ve added to Clearly Trunking since it’s launch earlier this year.



Caller ID Name management (CNAM)
For US Customers we now allow you to set the Caller ID Name that you want to be associated with each of your phone numbers. Also known as LIDB updates, from right within the store. No more needing to contact our support team and waiting for a response. So you can now complete these on your own time (yes, even at 1am). Note, that this feature has no cost associated with it the first time you set a Caller ID Name on the phone number. Any future changes will incur a one time $1.00 fee for each change. For more information about updating the Caller ID Name on your numbers, check out

Bulk Update of Numbers
We heard from you that managing a large inventory of phone numbers wasn’t as easy as it should have been. That’s why we’ve released the ability to allow you to perform bulk updates on your numbers. Some of the things we allow you to update in Bulk are the descriptions, location the number is assigned to, the Caller ID Name for the number, as well as your failover and routing options. For additional information on bulk updating your numbers take a look at

Usage Notifications
With Clearly Trunking, we’ve tried to build a platform that puts you in control. This means that not only can you have Unlimited Calling, but you can also set up various metered services, or even just choose metered services on it’s own. In doing so, we give you a way in the store to set maximums for international calls and metered services. But just giving you a way to set a threshold isn’t any good if you are unable to see where that threshold stands at any given time. That’s why you can login to the store at any time to see your usage on any given Trunking Location you have. But that’s not helpful if you aren’t watching that page, which is why we also allow you to set up Email Notifications for the various usage buckets (softcap, metered, international, and even fax) based on the services you have on a given location. For example, if you set a weekly limit for International Calls of $25.00 a week, you could set up a notification that would be triggered when you exceed 50% of that balance based on the frequency you set for receiving the alert. For example, you can choose to get hourly alerts to an email or list of email addresses you need notified. If you have bursting or metered call paths with us and you set a monthly limit of $500.00 a month, you could set a daily notification to notify you when you are at 75% of usage. For more information about Usage Notifications check out



Ever have that one business or customer where you absolutely need to use fax? Well you are not alone, and that’s why we’ve released our brand new faxing platform, takes the pain out of faxing by making faxing accessible to everyone, not just those who have a fax machine in the corner of their office. With, you simply set it up and utilize a tool you already use….email. In fact, after setting up the service, you can send and receive faxes on the go utilizing your existing email client. No more, needing to wait to get back to the office, to fax over that contract. Learn more about by checking out

And that’s only a small sample of the updates our team has been working on. But enough about us, I’d like to hear more about you and your business and how we can help. So get in touch and let us know what specific features and functionality you’d like to see added in the future as your feedback helps make our best products, even better.


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