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Employees Working From Home? Don’t Forget About e911 Location Services!

Preston McNair

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic having employees work from home is now mandatory in some places, a best practice in others. Here at ClearlyIP, all of our employees have the flexibility to work from home as needed. Even our team members that have a dedicated space in one of our offices around the globe can choose to work from home. It’s the work that matters, not where someone is sitting. We had this structure in mind when we were designing our new Kari’s Law and Ray Baum Act compliant SIP Trunking Platform.

In a real emergency, not providing proper e911 services to your employees working from home could potentially expose your organization to both legal and civil liabilities. More importantly, it’s not keeping your employee’s best interests and safety in mind. If you have employees working from home, do the right thing, and make sure that you accurately provide e911 services for their remote extensions.

Read a scenario that provides a humorous example of what happens when calling 911 when working from home!


ClearlyIP VoIP service is unique. We have completely removed the requirement to utilize our service as your primary SIP Provider. You don’t even have to purchase DID’s from us.

Our platform allows you to configure e911 information in two separate fields which are:
  1. Emergency Call Back Profiles – provides the call-back number provided to the 911 center (This doesn’t have to be a ClearlyIP Phone Number)
  2. Dispatchable Locations – which provide the specific “Dispatchable location” of your employees. Which ensures the proper 911 center receives the call and that first responders know exactly where to respond

Within our VoIP Store ( you can purchase Call-Back Profiles ($1/mo MSRP) and associate as many Dispatchable Locations as you need (50 cents/mo MSRP).

Many providers require you to purchase DIDs (Phone Numbers) and e911 locations for each dispatchable Location that you want to provide location-based e911 services. Our solution makes providing e911 services to a large workforce much more economical and easier to deploy.

FreePBX based platforms can deploy our ClearlyIP Trunking Module, which will automatically configure your connections to our services. It makes it a breeze to associate your employee’s extensions with the proper dispatchable locations and call back profiles.

For users of other platforms, we have built user guides outlining the configuration of our SIP Trunking services.

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