Telecom Business Consulting on M&A’s

Looking to Sell your telecom related business?

We may know a buyer including ourselves that may be interested in buying your business.


Looking to buy a Telecom related business?

Let us help you in the process.

Experienced management team that has been through 7 acquisitions in the last 4 years all in the Telecom space

  • Experience from both a buyer and seller.
  • Acquisitions ranging in size from 5 people and 300k purchase price to 150+ people and 36 Million purchase price.
  • Experienced in the Due Diligence phase and helping alleviate risk in the purchase and truly understanding what you are buying.
  • Understanding the technical side of products you are buying and where the technical debt of the products or services exist and what risk factors you have.
  • Pro Forma Financials with all synergy savings phased in
  • Post closing reorganization and merging to teams and back offices
  • Messaging to staff of the new combined company.
  • Locking in key employees so they do not leave post closing.