Earn Up to


On New Clearly Cloud and
SIP Trunking Referral Deals




Effective November 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023


Earn BIG with ClearlyIP’s End-of-Year Partner Spiff!

Receive 3X the committed MRR on all NEW Clearly Cloud and SIP Trunking referral deals, of any system size, based on a minimum 36-month subscription period.

Clearly Cloud offers every business a feature-rich cloud-delivered unified communications solution as a service. With a suite of powerful services available for businesses of all sizes, the platform is intuitive to use with endless features and benefits.

ClearlyIP’s powerful SIP Trunking Platform is easy to order, provision and manage services in real-time, providing a smooth, fast, business-friendly transition to the cloud. You can have your new phone service provisioned, installed, and turned on remotely in just minutes.


Partners are eligible for a one-time up-front payment. To qualify, you must be an active partner. under any ClearlyIP commission plan. For all qualifying accounts activated from Nov 1, 2021 – Dec 31, 2022, the partner will be paid a bonus based on the Clearly Cloud or Trunking subscription MRR at the end of the month in which the account is activated.

This promotion is applicable for Partners currently on an existing Agent referral/commission model ordering and purchasing Clearly Cloud services and/or SIP Trunking directly from ClearlyIP. It is not applicable for Certified Resellers on an existing ClearlyIP Partner Program who are re-billing or reselling services directly to their End Customers


The one-time incentive eligibility terms are subject to the following:


New Business Only

Does not include deals with closing assistance or Upsell/ Cross-sell. No bundle restrictions.

Contract Minimum

Applies to the 36 month contract minimum and is paid after customer signature following go-live, first invoice and any ‘Walk Away’ clause has expired.

Contract Cancellation

Contracts canceled for any reason within the first six months after go-live are subject to full chargeback and recovery. Chargebacks may be offset against any commissions due.


Contracts involving misrepresentations, fraud, and/or violation of law or the ClearlyIP: Master Agreement & ROE by a channel partner or any subagent and are subject to full chargeback & recovery.

Registered & Closed Deals By December 31, 2023

This applies to all deals closed by December 31st and will be paid out at 3X the committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) on a 36-month subscription term.


Who We Are

ClearlyIP is a group of technology people who specialize in the Telecommunications space with over 300 years of combined experience building some of the most extensive Telecom applications globally. Our roots can be traced back to 2008 when our Founders formed Schmooze Com Inc. to build a business around a new piece of open-source software that was being developed called FreePBX®.


*Terms and Conditions: North American & Global deals from Referral Partners on new Clearly Cloud contracts, of any system/seat size, for a 36-month subscription term, are eligible for a one-time up-front payment of 3X on the committed MRR revenue for a three-year contract. The same conditions apply for all new SIP Trunking contracts, of any number of channel/call paths, for a 36-month subscription term. ClearlyIP reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.