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$19.00 per month account charge + usage with FREE installation

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800 Calls Now pricing


We exclusively use the AT&T network for our toll-free service, offering several benefits: free 800 number assignment from hundreds available, AT&T quality service, and free installation. Enjoy a free first-month service fee (regularly $9.95) with a non-transferable number that remains with the client for the life of their service period. You only pay the 4.9 cents transport cost.

800 Calls Now quality of service

Quality of Service (QOS)

Quality of Service (QoS) is no longer tied to the amount invested in a carrier’s network, although pricing may reflect attempts to recoup those costs. With excess capacity and complex routing requirements, carriers exchange Indefeasible Rights of Usage (IRUs) to use each other’s networks. Thus, QoS now depends on the ability to manage and control the network rather than its cost or size.

800 Calls Now Economy


Each long-distance and toll-free call incurs a local carrier charge for placing and delivering the call. As an enhanced services provider, we are not subject to the same rules and charges as carriers. We don’t charge taxes on our added value, nor do we pay local delivery or access charges in the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Therefore, even if our list price matches another provider’s, our overall costs are likely lower due to these tax advantages.


800 Calls Now Network

Network Operation Center

Each carrier supports at least one Network Operation Center (NOC). This is the command center that controls number transport and delivery (and responds to casualty reports when problems arise.) By maintaining direct delivery relationships with seven (7) different carriers, we are in direct communication with seven different NOCs.

800 Calls Now Redundancy


We maintain direct relationships with 3 interexchange carriers and 2 digital local competitive exchange carriers to address call completion issues. Our switches automatically reroute calls to different carriers for better connectivity. Unlike major carriers, we can make ad hoc decisions and purchase traffic on other networks, providing more flexibility.

800 Calls Now Streamlining


If you face an issue on another carrier’s network, you can contact their salesperson or the 800 number listed on your bill. An agent will gather your details and create a ticket, but you may not connect directly with the Network Operations Center (NOC), leading to potential delays. As our valued customer, problems are promptly reported to the NOC and resolved within minutes.